Inspiration: Elli-Rose

Model and DJ Elli-Rose

Elli-Rose is a half English, half Japanese model, who works primarily in Japan.
She models for a Japanese magazine called Vivi magazine, as well as other publications. 
Recently she did a shoot for the British magazine iD for the Chanel, Tokyo issue.
She also DJs in her spare time and is known on the international circuit as Van Cliffe D.
So why do I love her?
I love her carefree, fun approach to modelling and her own personal style.
I also love her outlook on fashion. She says it’s very much like her music taste – varied.
She’s a big lover of vintage fashion, and mixing various styles together.
That spoke to me, as I love experimenting and wearing whatever I like. I don’t have one style.
She interacts with her fans through her Twitter and Instagram, and is incredibly sweet.
She’s even tweeted me a few times, and follows me. I think it’s nice that she is so personal.
You can watch the video she did for H&M Life here – it’s in English.

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