Guest Post: Make your own body lotion

The lovely ‘Bokusouchi‘ has been kind enough to guest post for me whilst I am away.
She wanted to bring you all a DIY Beauty Tutorial, and after deliberation decided that she would show you one of her tried and tested favourites. Here is ‘How to make your own body lotion‘.


What you’ll need:

1) Unrefined solid coconut oil (you can get this online or in a health food shop)
2) 1 ounce of beeswax (it normally comes in 1 ounce bars, I got 2 for £1 on ebay)
3) An essential oil of your choice (I went for sweet orange)
4) A medium sized pan
5) A sterilised pot/jar (I sterilised an old mayo jar)
6) Something to mix it with that you can throw away, like an old chopstick etc. 
If you don’t have that use the handle of a mental spoon/fork etc.

Boil your kettle. While your waiting, pop your beeswax into the jar and top it up with coconut oil, like so

Once your kettle has boiled pour the hot water into your pan and put the jar in. 
You want the water to be roughly half way up the jar. 
Make sure you put the ingredients into the jar before you put it into the pan, if not your jar will tip.
Put the heat on to about medium.

Keep it on the heat until it completely melts.
It will go a funny yellow colour but don’t worry that’s supposed to happen!
Then take it out (watch your fingers, it’s going to be hot!), it should look like this.
Now time to give it a stir and add your oil! You’ll only need a few drops, trust me.
…….and that’s you done!
If you find that it’s a bit too hard you can melt it down using the same method and add more coconut oil, too soft beeswax.

I loved this body lotion but prefer it as a night time one as it’s a bit heavier than the ones I’m used too. 
I’ve found it’s an AMAZING overnight foot treatment too, just load it on and pop some socks on. 
You’ll wake up with baby soft tootsies!