MUA Make-up Haul

MUA is a brand I never really looked at in the past.
To be honest I was put off by the cheap price, which I thought meant the products would be cheap.
However, lately I’ve found some amazing reviews on the brand. So after my success with their Love Hearts Nail Polishes I decided to give some of their other items a go.
The Love Hearts Lip Balms were on my list from the beginning. I had seen some amazing reviews on them, so I wanted in! Whereas the packaging isn’t appealing to me, the colours look pigmented and apparently they’re very moisturising.
I was actually only supposed to receive one lipstick and an eyeshadow but they accidentally sent me another lipstick instead. I’m not sure if I will wear shade #16; Nectar, as it looks a little too orangey for me, but I’m willing to try it out. Shade #15; Juicy looked nice, but once again not sure if it will suit me.
Finally the primer. UK Beauty bloggers have been raving about this lately, some have even said it rivals the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion. This I am looking forward to trying, as I have both.
I’m really looking forward to reviewing all of these on the blog very soon.
I’m not a big fan of ‘haul posts’ but you guys asked, so you shall receive…so would you like to keep seeing them?