Lust for: Urban Outfitters

During my trip to Leeds I stopped by Urban Outfitters, as I always do. 
I managed to grab a couple of items that called out to me, whilst avoiding the other 90% of the store that I wanted to buy. 
The Gem Stone Stud Earrings were in the sale, and as I don’t often wear studs I decided to give them a go. Photos just can’t do these justice. They sparkle and shine in all the right places. Love them!
Recently I had been eyeing a particular pair of heels by Deena & Ozzy on the online store, which I also bought during my visit. The Black Panther Court Shoes can speak for themselves, gorgeous, no? However after only wearing them for a coffee date, I’ve found a design flaw. The heel has already started to wear down (as you can see in the photos), which worries me, as I’m not too sure whether I will be able to have them re-heeled properly due to the detailing. Apart from that I don’t really have any complaints, although I should mention that since the material is ‘suedette’ they do collect dust and dirt easily.
Do I regret buying them? Hmm…I have bought cheaper heels that have lasted longer. I don’t expect heels to wear down after half an hour of walking BUT I shall try and work out a solution.