The Mystery Teahouse

I’m a big lover of tea. Of course, I’m English!
So when my friend and I found ‘The Mystery Teahouse‘ we were intrigued.
We’ve been back several times since, as you can tell by the photos.
TMT is in one word, enchanting.
The owners are adorable and the tea (tons to choose from) is amazing. I’m not a tea snob but I do prefer tea leaves, and a nice teapot too. They also offer Eastern European food which compliments the menu perfectly.
I’ve been introduced to teas & flavours I never knew existed.
My personal favourite has to be the South American ‘Yerba Maté‘ which has some wonderful health benefits…and you have to drink it through a metal straw! 
I drank: Cinnamon & Apple, Yerba Mate; Amanda Lemon, Caramel Passion
I ate: Zurek (a Polish soup) & Ukranian Beetroot soup.