New hair, gets and a outfit…

Today I visited my stylist as I wanted to get my hair cut and coloured before I headed off to Paris. Disclaimer: Hair is un-styled and too thin, ごめんね!haha

Smiley due to lack of make-up




It took over 3hrs to dye and cut my hair as I had the roots of my bottom layer bleached and then a couple of conditioning treatments (because she didn’t want to damage my hair) and some toner to get it as blonde as possible – then she did my top layer a chocolate brown. She really took her time and did a great job so I can’t complain that I was stuck there for too long.
My hair feels so thin lately though. I am using a new shampoo and conditioner which is helping but I’d still love any ‘volumising’ tips you might have.
A quick outfit shot from Wednesday when I went to the meeting at my university. I wanted to try the ‘blogger’ look in preparation for my upcoming post, but I feel that I needed more statement jewellery (necklace, earrings?) and maybe more layering?
Lace-back top: H&M (from this post).
Shorts: ZARA
Yellow ring: bought in a boutique in France.
Brown & Black rings: H&M (from this post).
Crystal ring: Swarovski
Orb ring: Vivienne….nah 315円 store haha
Earrings: Also H&M (from this post).
 Necklace: Swarovski
After making the ‘Spring Trend‘ post I decided that I wanted to invest in a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, in black. However ‘Office’ didn’t have them in-store or online and I am impatient so… Therefore I headed back to Topshop where I had found their take on the boots and snagged them for only £30 (down from £90). I’m more than happy since that’s a very big saving.
As you can see they’re very similar to the original except they have a buckle across the front (I’m thinking of removing it) and the heel is a darker brown. They are a tiny bit small, but that’s because I’m a half size and nowhere stocks half sizes, so I’m always stuck with something slightly too big or small, but I usually adapt to them so… haha XD
They also make me SUPER tall and almost as tall as my boyf, so I adore them!
LUSH ‘Retread‘ – triple strength conditioner.
I have been using this alongside LUSH’s ‘Trichomania‘ shampoo bar and my hair is feeling so much softer and in a better condition than it has been for a long time – plus it smells great. I will switch to one of their volumising shampoo bars soon though.
Lastly, some headbands from H&M.
I wanted to buy a lot more but I’m saving my money for Paris…as I am more than certain I will find some lovely items there!