As I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, I have a very exciting announcement. It’s not about the blog but it will certainly concern it and possibly future content that appears on it.

Some of you may remember that I had to leave my university in Japan after the earthquake. This was not my personal choice, in fact my university in England told us all we had to return. Well, I attended a meeting with my university yesterday and they have come to a conclusion about what will happen to us now – we are not returning to Japan. It’s sad but there’s nothing we can do about it. Either way I will still return on holiday and maybe to live there again for a short period in the future.

So my big news?! As we can’t return to Japan, they are sending us to a new university to study Japanese, in…PARIS!!

I will be living there for 3 months, whilst studying Japanese at a university that specialises in the language, culture and arts. We’re also being given the chance to do case studies at Japanese businesses that are linked with France – 2 of which are very well-known, respected cosmetic companies.
I CAN’T WAIT!! I adore France and having this chance is something that I couldn’t have even dreamed of. I am still sad that I will not be finishing my year abroad in Japan, but at least I will be spending it somewhere else I love.

I will be leaving on the 15th and it is likely that I won’t have any internet for a while – therefore I will try to arrange some scheduled posts. It doesn’t mean I will be on hiatus though! I will definitely be updating with again, when I can.

As for now: Please feel free to recommend any stores and restaurants etc. that you may know of in Paris.

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