Review: Bornprettystore Nail tips

This post is sponsored by born pretty 
When Born Pretty contacted me about a sponsorship I was so pleased to receive something from a nail art & nail products store. I really do love doing different things with my nails and since I can’t always afford gels or acrylics I enjoy experimenting with my own. 
Born Pretty offer everything from nail polish to uv lamps and much more! I choose a simple selection of a few different products; false nail tips, wooden stick nail art tool, nail glue, cuticle oil AND Swarovski crystals.

Onto the first product…

These were recommended to me by the store owner – I think they understand my interests pretty well. Chanel is a logo that pops up on a lot of Gal nail art so I was excited to try these out. As you can see I wore a full set at once, however I am already planning on mixing it up and wearing a few tips only with other nail designs.

I think they looked simple but effective. They would work with most outfits and styles, from Murua to Cecil McBee – the Chanel logo and a simple black nail is something that won’t go out of fashion.

The wooden sticks (more commonly used in manicures for cuticles) I choose because I was interested in doing some nail designs – plus they would also be useful in the future when I used the Swarovski crystals to decorate. They may not seem like a big deal but they’re so helpful and a must have for anyone starting out with nail art or needing supplies.

In the picture above you can see that I did a simple polka-dot & stripe design. The wooden tips were simple and easy to use and helped me create an effect I wouldn’t have been able to do with just a brush. I am also planning on doing a Sakura design soon with the same colours and of course, I shall be using the sticks!

Everyone knows it’s important to look after your nails, especially when you’re often getting acrylics, using tips etc. I love products like this so I jumped at the chance to try it. There are also a variety of types to choose from inc: apple, strawberry, rose, aloe vera, peach and more! 
I choose the Jasmine one, although it was difficult as I was so tempted by the full set (beauty products, especially sets, are one of my weaknesses). The pen is very simple to use, you just twist the end until the oil comes out and then you massage it into your cuticles. I am quite forgetful so I haven’t used it the recommended 3-5 times a week, however I have still noticed that my cuticles are a lot softer. I mainly noticed around an hour after I had applied it – they looked and felt a lot better.

I have yet to use the Swarovski crystals, but I have planned some nail designs already which I shall blog about soon, with a link back to this post, once I have done them. The great thing about these crystals is that you can also use them in your deco designs too! I know a lot of my readers and fellow Gal fashion bloggers also love deco and it’s just over $7 for 144 pieces – bargain!

As for the nail glue, I think it’s pretty obvious what that’s for. The store actually offers a variety of nail glues (inc. stickers for tips) but I choose the cheapest and it was pretty effective. I didn’t have any problem with the nail tips falling off. The only problem was it was a little hard to remove the residue from my own nails afterwards but that’s expected.

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