What were they thinking?

「What were they thinking?」
It’s been a while since the last installment of ‘what were they thinking?’, which is slightly encouraging but unfortunately nothing lasts forever and it’s back again.
For all my new readers; ‘what were they thinking?’ is a series on some of the crazier, less fashionable items in Gal…because no brand can get it right every time.
This time round, the culprit is ME JANE, which is a part of the same company as MA*RS – and is the least favourite of the sisters, unfortunately. That’s not to say that they don’t bring out good pieces. However for the upcoming Autumn season, they took the Nordic trend a little too far…
That’s right, leggings with Nordic print leg-warmers attached. Now any of my close friends will know that I already have a slight distaste for leg warmers, but these things are the worst.
I’m sorry, but I really do hope I’m right in thinking that these won’t be a hit next season…otherwise I may have to choke back laughter when seeing Gals tottering around Tokyo in them.
Ok ok, so maybe I am over exaggerating a little but I don’t think anyone would look fashionable in these. Not Tsubasa, not Sakurina, not Kumicky etc. etc…you get my point.
Oh well, if you happen to like them or invest in a pair then feel free to try and convert me – it’ll be a hard task though ;D
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