Twin coordinate….

Tori and I recently decided to do a ‘Mode’ twin coordinate post, after the fabulous WC one she did with Mitsu. I feel so lucky to be able to do a twin post with Tori, as she’s such a gorgeous gal and she always does the latest trends justice.

A teaser ;D
Hair & Make

I went for bronze eyes, using a Chanel palette and Tokyo lashes, with my favourite Ena Matsumoto inspired bun.
Tori choose simple but sexy make-up and ardell lashes #134, with some gorgeous curls – I’m so envious.
The coordinates
My coordinate –
Lace top: H&M
Bandage skirt: H&M
Headband: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Jewlery: Swarovski

I wanted to put together an outfit that was Mode but still accessible to us Western gals, and I was incredibly lucky as H&M has had some amazing stuff recently.
So I decided to show you the basis of my outfit and then how to make it that little bit more Mode by using accessories. The headband and scarf were both inspirations I got from Momoko Ogihara – the gorgeous face of Murua.
I forgot to take a pic with my necklace on, so I did it afterwards for you 😀
…I put a vest top on under the lace top for the close-up. I don’t want to scare anyone haha
Tori’s Coordinate –
Top: GalStar
Skirt: Candie’s
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Used
As you can tell we both made Bandage skirts the theme of this coordinate.
I think this shows just how effective they are. You can make two completely different Mode looks out of one skirt, just by adding a few accessories etc.
I think Tori summed up our outfits perfectly when she said:
“…yours is SO SEXY, very MURUA style since Momoko really likes the see-through lace tops & scarf belts, & I think I went more rock-kei-influenced with the studs & leopard print (& fall EMODA shows a lot of leopard! ;D)

I hope you enjoyed our twin coordinates, and I’d love to see more gals doing it! It’s so much more fun to dress up when you have someone to do it with XD