What were they thinking?

「What were they thinking?」

I don’t like to hate, but sometimes something in Gal comes along and makes me wonder – WHY?! Of course this happens in every fashion circle, but this blog is dedicated to Gal…so we’ll just stick with that for now ;D

This time round the culprit is ‘MITSUMARU’S HEAVEN and EARTH’, which can be found on 109’s 1st floor. A mixture of sexy and feminine, it boasts top sales. So why then did I find this on EGG’s outlet store:

Yes, that is an upside down skirt. Ok, so it isn’t particularly hideous but really…is that the best they could come up with? It’s no wonder I found it on an outlet store – which can have some great items, but also the kind of stock that makes you think it’s only there because it won’t sell instore or on the official site.

Luckily I haven’t seen this anywhere else, so it’s unlikely it’s a new trend. Here’s hoping it’s just last season’s remnants.

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