Review: Latest in Beauty Cult Collection Box

latest-in-beauty-get-the-gloss-cult-collection-1Get The Gloss x Latest in Beauty Cult Collection Box*

Latest in Beauty and Get the Gloss have never let me down. Their beauty boxes are some of the best out there. Not only because you know what will be inside the box before you receive it – helping you to decide if it’s for you – but because the products chosen are of such high quality. When Latest in Beauty and Get the Gloss get together, you know you’re going to receive a box crammed full of awesome products. Their Summer It Kit was a hit, so when they sent me their Cult Collection box I was brimming full of excitement.

Inside the box is…
+ Bee Good – Youthful Enhancing Lift and Brighten Eye 5ml
+ St Tropez – Gradual Tan In Shower Cream 50ml
+ Prismologie – Indigo Interlude Foot Cream & Pink O’Clock Hand & Cuticle Cream 2x10ml
+ Dr Lipp – Miracle Balm 15ml
+ NUDE Skincare – Skincare ProGenius Rescue Oil (800 ProGenius Treatment Oil) 5ml
+ Ciaté London – London Paint Pots – Mistress 13.5ml
+ Eyeko – Black Fat Liquid Eyeliner 3.5g

This is where I insert a gif of me clapping. Clapping to the majesty that is the Get the Gloss x Latest in Beauty Cult Collection Box. They’ve really outdone themselves this time. This is why I still have faith in beauty boxes. I’ve already started using the Dr Lipp and Eyeko products, and of course they’re amazing – I wouldn’t expect anything less from such well-known and loved products. As for the other items in the box, well I can’t wait to use those either, and I plan to take most of them to Italy this week. These really are the perfect travel size companions. Unfortunately I won’t be using the St Tropez lotion, however I will gift it to a friend who will get more use out of it. After all, it is a great brand, and the product itself looks promising. The box itself contains over £60 worth of products, and is priced at only £15.95. This is a collection of cult goodies, and it is certainly worth the price tag.

Head over to Latest in Beauty to purchase the Get the Gloss Cult Collection Box.

latest-in-beauty-get-the-gloss-cult-collection-2 latest-in-beauty-get-the-gloss-cult-collection

A London Life… at London Fashion Week

london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-wellaThe Apartment | London Fashion Week SS16

London Fashion Week. You may have seen my last round up of it, earlier this week. I can’t believe it was three weeks ago already! But could I go back and do it all over again? Would I hang out at The Apartment and have my hair done by Wella again? Hell yeah! Would I shove myself through hoards of fashion-y types? Maybe. More importantly, would I ever want to set eyes on Brewer Street car park again? Yeah, probably not. But you gotta take the highs with the lows. After all that’s part of the fun of London Fashion Week, right?

So what did I get up to on the Saturday? There was… hair styling; at The Apartment. Plenty of wandering around the Royal Academy of Arts, thanks to Open House London. Where we also happened to take some outfit shots. And of course there was some more nibbling of sweet treats, courtesy of Aubaine. It’s such a shame I wasn’t able to continue my adventure on the Sunday, but I had a pretty awesome time whilst it lasted. You can see the rest of my London fashion week adventures on the blog though.

Thanks to V.A (Chopstickpanorama) for the photos of me.

london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-aspinal-of-london london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-aspinal-of-london-1 london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-aubaine london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-royal-academy-of-arts london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-aubaine-1

Review: Shanghai Tang Gold Lily Perfume

shanghai-tang-gold-lily-perfume-silk-road-fragrance-review-2Shanghai Tang Gold Lily Perfume*

I don’t often do perfume reviews – mainly because it’s a very personal subject. Everyone has their favourite type of scent. Some people prefer floral, some musky, others sickly sweet. There are such a variety of options when it comes to perfume. I used to buy 5-7 of bottles a year. After a while I realised that having a signature scent made far more sense than dousing myself in a different perfume every day. The real question is, would Shanghai Tang Gold Lily perfume become just that?

+ Beautiful packaging
+ Subtle fragrance; floral & musk

– Very heavy bottle

Some beauty products are practical. Some are innovative. Others are so beautiful you can’t bare to use them. But what happens when you find a product that matches all three of these? You weep a little. The first thing I noticed when I opened my Shanghai Tang parcel was the packaging. The box and bottle are exquisite; simple, yet also somehow opulent. I couldn’t contain my joy – something those who follow me on Snapchat may have noticed. One thing I did notice was that the bottle is incredibly heavy. Oddly enough this is due to the ornate lid. However I was hoping that it was the perfume inside the bottle that would steal the show. According to the site “the precious Lily flower is wrapped with accents of Jasmine, Orange flower, patchouli and musk creating a mysterious and sensual composition.” And since I’m nowhere near articulate enough I’m going to leave you with that description, because it sums it up perfectly. This is a subtle floral fragrance with a hint of musk. Whilst wearing it I feel equal parts feminine, powerful and elegant. Yes a perfume really can do that to your confidence! Is this my new signature scent? I think it could be! Would I purchase it? At £100 this isn’t pocket change. On the other hand, if I only bought one perfume a year (because they honestly last me that long), then that’s just over £8 a month. I really think this is a scent worth saving for…or popping on your Christmas wish list.

The Silk Road Fragrance collection is available to purchase in Shanghai Tang‘s Hong Kong, Macau and London boutiques.

shanghai-tang-gold-lily-perfume-silk-road-fragrance-review-4 shanghai-tang-gold-lily-perfume-silk-road-fragrance-review-3 shanghai-tang-gold-lily-perfume-silk-road-fragrance-review-1

Review: H&M Smokey Nudes Eye Palette

H&M-Smokey-Nudes-Eye-Palette-swatch-review-1H&M Smokey Nudes Eye Palette

It seems like forever since I did a beauty product review. It’s not that I’ve gone off the idea. In fact it’s the opposite. I’ve been diligently testing beauty products over the past few weeks. The first of the bunch? H&M’s Smokey Nudes Eye Palette. Recently H&M rebranded their beauty range, and brought us some new look products. But do they live up to their new sleek look?

+ Elegant packaging
+ 9 nude shades
+ Matte, pearl and metallic shadows
+ Includes tutorial sheet

+ Doesn’t come with applicator
+ Lighter shadows are very sheer
+ Needs to be used with primer

As you can see, I have very mixed feelings about this palette. First off, let’s admire the gorgeous packaging. I will hand it to H&M, these products look high-end. Unfortunately though the shadows don’t wear as a high-end product would. The lighter shadows in the palette are very sheer. I mean, can you even see them in my photos? That’s with a primer too, because if you don’t use one, you won’t get any payback. The browns are great though. They’re pigmented and they stay pretty well. The added tutorial sheet is pretty useful for beginners, who just for those who aren’t sure which colours to pair together. However the lack of an applicator left me feeling a little miffed. True, I use brushes, but what if I’m caught without one? Or what if someone doesn’t own any? It just feels like a way of up selling H&M’s own brushes. At £9.99, would I buy this again? I’m torn. I love the packaging, and the shadows aren’t bad quality. I just feel like we’re paying for the re-brand a little. So I guess it’s a maybe from me this time.

You can buy the Smokey Nudes Eye Palette at H&M Beauty.

H&M-Smokey-Nudes-Eye-Palette-swatch-review-4 H&M-Smokey-Nudes-Eye-Palette-swatch-review-2 H&M-Smokey-Nudes-Eye-Palette-swatch-review-5 H&M-Smokey-Nudes-Eye-Palette-swatch-review-3

Latest in Beauty Get The Gloss Summer It Kit

latest-in-beauty-get-the-gloss-summer-it-kit-1Latest in Beauty Get The Gloss Summer It Kit*

Everyone has their Summer travel essentials: sunglasses, notebook, city guide etc. This year I’ve been trying to simplify how I travel, and that includes my make-up and beauty favourites. Old me would have brought along half the bathroom cabinet. Convincing myself that I really do need to bring an extra 3 moisturisers. Now I’m doing better, but truth be told, I still need a little help. So when Get The Gloss offered to send me their Summer It Kit Box (a collaboration with Latest in Beauty), I was over the moon. Latest in Beauty say: “We have teamed up with the editorial team at Get the Gloss to bring you the Summer ‘It Kit’ for 2015. Bursting with 8 amazing products, from Nuxe to Nails Inc, this is one beauty kit you don’t want to be without!”

Inside the box is…
+ NAILS INC Gel Effect Nail Polish (full size)
+ NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® OR (10ml)
+ Bourjois Aqua Blush (full size)
+ Anne Semonin Eye Express Radiance Cube (full size)
+ Salon Science AquaCacteen Hydrasoothe™ Cooling Spray (full size)
+ Philip Kingsley Swimcap (50ml)
+ Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator SPF 8 (15ml)
+ Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Refine & Polish Miracle Balm (15ml)

At only £19 this is slightly more than the usual beauty box. However the box features 4 full size products, and Latest in Beauty have claimed that the box values at over £85. Taking that into consideration, you’re getting one hell of a deal here. But what did I think of the products? I was really happy with most of the products. They’ve covered hair, skin, body and nails. I can definitely see myself packing most of these for a weekend away. Sure I probably won’t use NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® OR (pasty skin 4life) or the Bourjois Aqua Blush (I prefer powder blush), but that’s not to say I didn’t like them. In fact I happen to think Get the Gloss have curated this box with expert precision. They’ve chosen some great brands, and an eclectic mix of products. I think what I like the most about this box is that it hasn’t taken the easy route. My only niggle: how can you have a Summer box without sunscreen?

Head over to Latest in Beauty to purchase the Get The Gloss Summer It Kit.


Review: Boots Beauty Box

boots-beauty-box-review-bloomzyboots-beauty-box-review-botanics-micellar-water-hydrating-eye-cream-2 boots-beauty-box-review-essentials-cleansing-wipesboots-beauty-box-review-rapid-action-spot-gelBoots Beauty Box*

It’s no secret, I’m a Boots fangirl. If I’m in need of any beauty products (skincare, cosmetics, you name it), Boots is always my first stop. I also love a good beauty box. So when Boots put together a special one just for me, I couldn’t contain myself. The unique concept behind the Boots Beauty Box is that it contains a full facial skincare beauty regime, made up entirely of their own brand products.

Inside the box is…
+ Boots Botanics Micellar 3-in-1 Cleansing Solution (£1.49)
+ Boots Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream Radiant Youth (£4.49)
+ Boots Simply Sensitive Protecting Day Moisturiser SPF15 (£1.74)
+ Boots Essentials 3-minute Clay Mask (£1.50)
Boots Essentials Cleansing Wipes Moisturising for Dry Skin (£1.50)
Boots Skin Clear Ultra Rapid Action Spot Gel (£3.99)
Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal Facial Scrub (£3.21)

The whole point of this box is to show just how extensive the Boots beauty range is. And boy did it do a pretty good job at covering all the bases. I use a wide range of products (cleanser, toner, moisturiser, masks etc) in my own skincare regime, so I was pleased to see most of them here. I also learnt that most of Boots own products are developed by skincare specialists right here in the UK – not bad at all. So would I purchase these products myself? With the exception of the cleansing wipes (I just don’t use wipes), I would certainly purchase these. At £17.92 for all 7 products, you’re getting a whole facial skincare regime for the price of one mid-range product. These items are easy on the skin, and the pocket.

You can view all of the Boots Beauty Box products and more at Boots.


a-derma-rich-hydrating-cream-uv-review-bloomzy-1 a-derma-rich-hydrating-cream-uv-review-bloomzy-2 a-derma-rich-hydrating-cream-uv-review-bloomzyA-Derma Rich Hydrating Cream UV*

Almost one year ago exactly, I reviewed a little French skincare secret – A-Derma’s Light Hydrating Cream UV. Without even thinking of this, I have been using the Rich Hydrating Cream for the last month or so. When I went to review it I felt an odd sense of deja-vu, and then realised why. So, does the rich version live up to it’s light sister?

+ Soothing
+ Hydrating
+ UV protection/SPF20
+ Thick cream
– Small tube (40ml)
One of my only qualms with the light hydrating cream was that it felt more like a liquid. This rich version is thicker, yet still absorbs quickly. It’s just as soothing, and even more hydrating than its counterpart. This is the perfect cream for those who suffer from dry/fragile skin, especially during the Summer months. Combined with the UV protection (and SPF20), this is a lovely cream to be wearing alone or under make-up during the Summer. It can be a little greasy when first applied, but after it has absorbed it makes for a decent primer. I would purchase this again, but I’d be more likely to lean toward the non-UV version – for use as a night cream. However this one has been very kind to my skin…and my skin can be pretty awkward. The price point is not too bad at £14.50, but a 100ml product would be better on the pocket (as opposed to 40ml).

You can purchase A-Derma’s Rich Hydrating Cream UV at Boots.