CHANEL Matte Liquid Lip Ink in Amoureux

CHANEL Matte Liquid LipCHANEL Matte Liquid Lip Ink in Amoureux

I’ve always sung the praises of Chanel’s lipsticks, but in recent years I’ve gone off the classic brand, in favour of more contemporary ones. In fact I’ve found that a lot of the “old school” brands such as Chanel, YSL etc. have been pretty late to jump on the current make-up trends. I’m looking at you matte liquid lips!

There are so many brands out there that have made it big thanks to their liquid lipsticks. And finally late last year Chanel released their own matte liquid lip with “an intense, luminous and long-lasting colour.” But with only minimal marketing, the Chanel Matte Liquid Lip Ink slipped under my radar. In fact I’ve not really seen any of my beauty faves talking about the product. I was still curious though, especially with the shade Amoureux, which is a great nude for my pale skin tone. So when I got my latest Debenhams beauty card points through, I decided I’d visit a counter and take a chance.

CHANEL Matte Liquid Lip Ink

  • Cute packaging
  • Doesn’t dry to matte
  • Handbag/travel friendly
  • Not as pigmented as I would like
  • Sheer application, but can be built up
  • Comes off when eating/drinking

What can I say about a matte lipstick that doesn’t dry matte? Because that’s exactly what Chanel have given us. This liquid lip goes on with a sheer glossy look, and it never fully dries. Instead it just looks like a lip tint with a sheen. I’ve heard some of the other shades are more pigmented, but still have the same issue. And of course all this means that the product doesn’t last. In fact the only way I can see it lasting the 8 hours Chanel state is if you don’t eat or drink during that time.

I personally wouldn’t purchase this again, especially at £28 for such a small product (only 6ml!). Instead I would go for the high street dupe Collection’s Velvet Kiss in Caramel – which is actually a matte lip! In fact this dupe is so good that when I wore it recently and went to buy the Chanel Matte Liquid Lip Ink in Amoureux, the counter staff thought I was already wearing it.

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CHANEL Matte Liquid LipCHANEL Matte Liquid Lip CHANEL Matte Liquid LipCHANEL Matte Liquid Lip