OOTD: Black Out the Sun

Sweater* – Glamorous | Jeans – Topshop | Shoes* – Glamorous

After a somewhat successful, colourful run, my wardrobe has reverted back to it’s darker ways. The reason doesn’t matter as much as I’m enjoying embracing black again, especially for this outfit. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing dark colours as long as I have fun with it. Broadgate may seem like a stuffy boring place set aside for bankers and business men and women, but I decided to make it my playground on a quiet Saturday afternoon.

OOTD: Monochrome Madness

ootd-bloomzy-oasap-new-look-topshop-fashion-style-blog-blogger-france-french-1 ootd-bloomzy-oasap-new-look-topshop-fashion-style-blog-blogger-france-french-2 ootd-bloomzy-oasap-new-look-topshop-fashion-style-blog-blogger-france-french-3
Top* – New Look | Jeans – Topshop | Sneakers* – New Look | Bag* – Oasap
I could so easily fall into the crowd in London whilst wearing this outfit. I’d disappear and all that would be left is the tale of a girl with too many striped shirts. Thankfully in Chamonix there is a distinct lack of monochrome (oh hey super bright sports gear), and stereotypes aside, I’ve not spotted anyone wearing Breton stripes…unless I count my own reflection. Truth be told though, I’m not one to care if someone is wearing the same outfit as me. There are far more important things in life to worry about, such as if I have any Camembert left in the fridge.
I have begun to worry though that once A/W hits I’ll be left with no striped tops to wear (as they’re all short sleeved), which I can only imagine would drive me to madness. Note to self: go shopping for more long sleeved striped tops when you return home.

OOTD: I Don’t Do OTT

ootd-bloomzy-primark-topshop-playn-eyewear-fashion-style-blog-blogger-france-chamonix-4 ootd-bloomzy-primark-topshop-playn-eyewear-fashion-style-blog-blogger-france-chamonix-1 ootd-bloomzy-primark-topshop-playn-eyewear-fashion-style-blog-blogger-france-chamonix-3 ootd-bloomzy-primark-topshop-playn-eyewear-fashion-style-blog-blogger-france-chamonix-2
Blouse – Primark | Jeans – Topshop | Flats – Primark | Sunglasses* – Playn | Ring – Tatty Devine x Rob Ryan

Minimal make-up (or none at all) has become a daily occurrence when I’m on holiday, as I opt for a more natural look. Of course it helps that pretty much all of the women in the South of France are sans make-up…or just know how to cleverly disguise it to look as if they aren’t wearing any. This time I took it a step further and let my hair keep it’s natural curls and frizz. It’s odd to think that only a few years ago I would never have left the house without styling my hair and throwing on some make-up. It’s empowering and kind of wonderful to feel so comfortable in my own skin.

Of course my clothing follows the same path lately. Minimalistic with clean colours. The old white blouse and jeans combo can never fail, take my word for it. Pair it with some ballet flats (a French favourite), an oversized bag (for all the cheese and grenadine you’re going to buy later) and some subtle shades (very mysterious, darling), and you’ve got yourself the perfect holiday look.

OOTD: Countryside Chic

ootd-red-or-dead-topshop-primark-fashion-style-blog-blogger-bloomzy-1 ootd-red-or-dead-topshop-primark-fashion-style-blog-blogger-bloomzy-4 ootd-red-or-dead-topshop-primark-fashion-style-blog-blogger-bloomzy-5 ootd-red-or-dead-topshop-primark-fashion-style-blog-blogger-bloomzy-3 ootd-red-or-dead-topshop-primark-fashion-style-blog-blogger-bloomzy-6 ootd-red-or-dead-topshop-primark-fashion-style-blog-blogger-bloomzy-2
Mac* – Red or Dead | Top – Topshop | Jeans – Topshop | Boots – Topshop | Bag – Primark

How do you dress for a rainy, cold weekend in Wales? Well! Thankfully, after visiting Wales more than a handful of times, I have honed my skills in this department. First off I make sure I’m wearing a decent coat that will keep me dry and warm, but not too big as I don’t want to be travelling with anything too heavy. Next up, a pair of decent boots and trainers because the Welsh countryside is certainly not the place for stilettos (when you walk as much as I do anyway). A good pair of jeans always comes in handy because they can easily be dressed up in the evening. Finally, a selection of cute tops that allow me to show off my personality, without losing any comfort or warmth.

Yes, it may not be very glamorous but sometimes you really do have to combine fashion and function.

OOTD: Power Play

Shirt* – Hawes & Curtis | Jeans – Topshop | Shoes – Urban Outfitters | Clutch* – Persun

Shirts and blouses will forever remind me of high school. Whereas a lot of my friends preferred polo shirts, I chose a crisp white blouse. Truthfully I didn’t fully realise the potential of them at the time. Now my style is slightly more mature, and I appreciate them in a different way. There’s something quite sexy and chic about a well fitted shirt. I feel pretty powerful when I’m wearing one.

Some people may try to make you believe a shirt is only for school or business, but I beg to differ. Hawes and Curtis are one of London’s best stores for luxury shirts, if only for their choice of styles and fits. I chose this one in particular because polka dots will always be a favourite of mine, and I happen to think they look quite smart too. I paired my shirt with some well fitted jeans from Topshop and my court shoes from Urban Outfitters. I went for gold detailing with my accessories, matching them to my heels. Admittedly I did add the clutch bag as it looked similar to a file, playing around with the ‘business’ idea – making it more casual and wearable.

OOTD: Rain Rain Go Away

Top – Primark | Skirt – Topshop | Boots – Topshop | Necklace – Tatty Devine | Watch* – New Look

Last week the weather proved itself to be truly British. We had sunshine, followed by rain and cold winds. No I’m not here to give you a weather update, I’m just trying to explain why I’m dressed for Autumn in the middle of July. I hate having to think of which shoes are waterproof, when really I just want to be chilling in my sandals. Still, this is the reality of living in the UK. Sorry to shatter anyones idillic views of our otherwise lovely country.

Still, I was glad I could pull out this ensemble, as it probably wouldn’t have worked in the scorching heat we had at the weekend. Again, stripes, I know, but I couldn’t resist this top. It was only £3.50! It was definitely the main point of this outfit. I had to pair it with my skater skirt and boots – a bit simple but definitely a good idea for walking around central and east London for the day. I finished it off with my favourite little leopard buddy. I think I would have worn it proudly all day…if I hadn’t been splashed at by a passing car, whilst taking outfit photos for V.A. The risks of being a blogger.

Thanks to V.A for taking my photos.

OOTD: I’m Torn

Top – Topshop | Jeans* – Oasap | Sandals – Primark | Sunglasses* – Oasap | Necklace – Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bracelets – Zara

Sometimes I just need a few days to chill out, and when I do, my clothing choices tend to reflect that. However I’m not about to do an outfit post consisting purely of loungewear…although it’s tempting. Instead I donned my new torn mum jeans, some chunky sandals, a loose tee and a ton of accessories. The perfect attire for a day wandering around Shoreditch. 
Unfortunately the jeans are ridiculously large, and by “ridiculously large” I mean about 2 sizes too big. This is my main reason for disliking online shopping, especially when the item is coming from across the other side of the world. Luckily I had a few belts on hand which helped with the problem…slightly. My only other complaint would be that this package took around a month to arrive, because my full address wasn’t on the package. This seems a bit odd after Oasap have been sending packages to the same address for over a year, and they’ve usually arrived within a week or two. Now that they’re charging for postage, this is a bit odd, and a little unsatisfying. I’m hoping that this was just a one-off human error. I don’t like to be a downer, and the only reason I mentioned it is because I have been working with Oasap and mentioning them on the blog for a long time.