OOTD: Countryside Chic

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Mac* – Red or Dead | Top – Topshop | Jeans – Topshop | Boots – Topshop | Bag – Primark

How do you dress for a rainy, cold weekend in Wales? Well! Thankfully, after visiting Wales more than a handful of times, I have honed my skills in this department. First off I make sure I’m wearing a decent coat that will keep me dry and warm, but not too big as I don’t want to be travelling with anything too heavy. Next up, a pair of decent boots and trainers because the Welsh countryside is certainly not the place for stilettos (when you walk as much as I do anyway). A good pair of jeans always comes in handy because they can easily be dressed up in the evening. Finally, a selection of cute tops that allow me to show off my personality, without losing any comfort or warmth.

Yes, it may not be very glamorous but sometimes you really do have to combine fashion and function.