Japanese Skincare at The Dove Pop-up, Paris

Japanese SkincareJapanese Skincare at The Dove Pop-up, Paris

For as long as I can remember, Dove has been a staple in my family home. My mum swears by it, so I’ve always held the brand in quite high esteem. In recent years Dove has transformed itself into a brand that fights against beauty bias, and promotes real bodies, and real people. Something ‘older me’ can get behind.

Enter the Dove pop-up store in Paris, and their ‘My Beauty is Unique’ theme. Add some some personalised products and Japanese skincare into the mix, and you’ve got my attention.

Personalised Skincare at The Dove Pop-up, Paris

For the first time, Dove has created a physical space to illustrate Real Beauty from Real Care. It is designed to provide guests with the ultimate in personalisation, offering elements that are as unique as the people experiencing it. With classics such as the Dove Beauty Bar, the store offers guests with a one-of-a-kind, hands on experience. It also offers the exclusive opportunity to customise Dove products through the one-of-a-kind mixology process. With multiple base formulas, extracts, exfoliators and fragrances to choose from, every product is personalised. The perfect limited edition gift, maybe?

Japanese Skincare with Dove

Japan is world-renowned for its skincare. Facial cleansing is also one of Japan’s most sophisticated beauty rituals, and for many Japanese women, this is one of the most important steps in their skin care regime. So Dove decided to host their Paris pop-up store, and invite anyone and everyone to discover some of Dove’s newest innovations from Japan.

Luckily for me I was given one of their top products, the Beauty Moisture Facial Wash (ビューティーモイスチャー). The foaming wash creates creamy bubbles that help moisturises the skin as it removes dirt. I’ve recently come round to cleansing facial washes, and as a longtime fan of Japanese skincare, I have a lot of faith in this product already. I really can’t wait to try it out, alongside my own personalised body cream with apricot extract and rose gold shimmer. The products are only available in the Paris pop-up right now, so I feel very lucky to have been gifted these, and given the chance to try them.

The Dove Paris pop-up is open until Monday, and is located at Rue Saint-Lazare (map).

Photos of the Dove pop-up are courtesy of Edelman PR.

dovepopup2Japanese Skincare dovepopup3Japanese SkincareJapanese Skincare

My Travel Skincare Essentials | 2015 Recommendations

travel-skincare-essentials-avene-weledaMy Travel Skincare Essentials

My day-to-day skincare regime includes cleanser, toner, moisturiser, body lotion, lip balm and eye cream. Thanks to these brands and products, I’m able to continue it during my travels. My go-to favourites are there (ehem, Avene Thermal Water Spray), alongside some new friends (Dr Lipp Miracle Balm). Check out the full list of my travel skincare essentials below:

My Travel Skincare Essentials
+ Avene Cleanance Micellar Water*
+ Avene Eau Thermal Spray*
+ Weleda Skin Food
+ Dr Lipp Miracle Balm*
+ Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion*
+ Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Eye Cream

Everything I have included is travel-sized. However unfortunately I was unable to find some of the sizes available for purchase online. For these items I have included links to the full size products, as they’re totally worth buying full size anyway. After all you can always just depot them into travel friendly bottles.

Happy travels!

travel-skincare-essentials-avene-dr-lipp travel-skincare-essentials-avene travel-skincare-essentials-weleda-ysl

Review: Witch Overnight Clearing Serum

There aren’t many beauty products that make it to my bedside table, most live their days out in my bathroom cabinet. The few that do make it are the ones I use every night. The ones my skin can’t live without. Witch’s Overnight Clearing Serum is a new product that made it to this coveted spot…within only a week of using it.
+ Gets rid of spots within 1-2 days
+ Moisturises
+ Non-oily
+ Works overnight
+ Leaves my skin happy and clear
– Takes a few minutes to absorb into my skin
– Bottle only contains 50ml of product
How many “spot clearing” products have you used that have actually helped clear up a blemish? For me it’s probably around 5%. Witch’s Overnight Clearing Serum is part of that minority. When I received this I actually had a small spot appearing on my chin, but within 2 nights of applying it the spot had gone. Honestly I wasn’t entirely certain the product had done it all by itself. That was until I had another blemish appear. Again, 2 nights went by, and BAM! it was gone. This little wonder really does what it says on the tin. For only £5.99 I will definitely be purchasing one of these when my current one runs out. I just wish the bottle was bigger so it would last forever.
You can purchase Witch Overnight Clearing Serum at Superdrug.

Review: The Harley Medical Group Anti-Oxidant Oil Free Moisturiser

I’ve tried my fair share of moisturisers over the years, thanks to being born with the driest skin known to man. Exaggeration aside, I do genuinely need a decent moisturiser in my daily routine. Enter The Harley Medical Group’s oil free moisturiser. You may remember me mentioning it in my Christmas skincare gift guide. Well I was pretty cheeky and I didn’t give mine away to ‘that special colleague’, instead I kept it for myself…for the good of the blog, obviously.
“It is so important to soothe & clear congested skin. This moisturiser will do just that, and leave your skin feeling smooth and silky to the touch. An anti-oxidant oil free moisturiser that helps promote a smooth, matte complexion. Incorporating patented anti-ageing ingredients clinically shown to penetrate the skin and help reduce visible signs of ageing while stimulating collagen production. With the added benefit of Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant that will help improve the overall texture of the skin.”

– Lovely bottle-pump design
– Good application
– Nice texture
– No smell

– Doesn’t offer the moisture my skin needs

Around 3 weeks ago I started using The Harley Medical Group’s oil free moisturiser. I like to switch in between moisturisers, so my skin doesn’t get too used to one particular product. However I found that my skin is going through a particularly stubborn dry patch, and this moisturiser just isn’t scratching that annoying, hard-to-reach itch. The packaging is classically simple, and the pump design makes for easy dispensing. Application wise, the cream is of medium consistency and applies well to skin. It’s particularly clear that this is an oil-free moisturiser when applying it. There is no greasy feeling left lingering on the skin, and it absorbs quickly. My only con is that it doesn’t seem to offer the moisture that my skin currently needs, and because of this I have had to pair it with a serum.  At £35 I wouldn’t purchase this as it’s not thick enough for my morning cream, but it does work well under make-up as a primer, so I would consider it if it was on sale.You can purchase The Harley Medical Group’s oil free moisturiser at The Harley Medical Group.

Beauty Hits of 2014

I’ve done a whole host of reviews this year for the beauty section of my blog, so it only seemed right to go back and take a look at some of the best. I’d like to say “it wasn’t easy” but the four products I chose are so good that I am still using today.
Essential’s Nuance Airy hair mask was a saviour for my bleached ends, and even though they’ve now been chopped off, I’m still using this beautifully scented product. My hair is smooth and soft, and I can’t wait to try out more of the brands products in 2015. Click the link above for the full review.
2014 saw a flashback to my high school beauty routine. Collection re-branded their best (in my opinion) item, and I was reminded of a product that I should never have forgotten about. I was sent several to trial, and after running out I saw myself running to the shops for more. I’m sold on this concealer, and I swear by it as an affordable, high-quality product. Click the link above for the full review.
Witch is another brand I thought I had left behind with my teenage hormones. Well it seems that my hormones have not had enough of me yet, as the occasional chin blemish likes to remind me. Instead of succumbing to my emotions and falling into a crying heap, I now just apply the blemish stick to my spots, and zap! they’re gone…within a few days anyway. Click the link above for the full review.
My final beauty hit of 2014 is one I would never have seen coming. I’ve never been a fan of Playboy as a brand, so when they invited me to the launch of their new cosmetics line I was curious to see what they had to offer. I’m a liquid liner addict and it’s a staple in my make-up routine, and Playboy’s is one of the best I’ve tried. It applies perfectly and stays put all day. It’s a keeper! Click the link above for the full review.

Christmas Gift Guide: Skincare


What? Avène YsthéAL Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Contour Care*
Who for? Mum
How much? £19.50
Where from? Boots
Why? My mum is now at the age where she is looking for “that little miracle” to help keep her skin firm and smooth. YsthéAL Eye and Lip Contour revents and corrects the appeareance of signs of skin ageing: wrinkles, loss of elasticity in the eye and lip area. YsthéAL Eye and Lip Contour has a fine smooth texture, perfectly adapted to the most delicate areas of the face. The eye contour is smoother, and eyes appear fuller and well-rested, and the lip contour regains tone and elasticity. Good tolerance, tested on sensitive skin. Fragrance and paraben free.

What? Avène Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum*
Who for? Dad
How much? £17
Where from? Boots
Why? My dad has sensitive, dry skin. This is something which I’ve noticed a lot of men suffer from, especially in the harsh Winter weather. This intensely soothing formulation is ideal for sensitive skin, or skin that is easily affected by stress, pollution, or irritation. With its high concentration of Avene Thermal Spring Water, the serum works to hydrate and heal the skin with each and every application. Added Glycerine provides deep nourishment, hydration and comfort for the complexion. The silky serum glides on luxuriously, leaving skin feeling supple, smooth and soft.

What? Manuka Doctor Replenishing Facial Oil*
Who for? Beauty conscious friend
How much? £13.32 (currently on sale from £19.99)
Where from? Superdrug
Why? Facial oils can seem intimidating, especially to those who are new to skincare. However my beauty conscious friends would definitely appreciate one. The Normalising Manuka Facial Oil is a balancing formula rich in powerful plant extracts designed to help reduce sebum and refine skin’s texture. Just a couple of drops applied daily will visibly hydrate, revitalise and even skin tone whilst essential oils restore skin’s suppleness – all without greasy side effects. Achieve a brighter, fresher and more youthful looking complexion with Manuka Doctor Normalising Facial Oil – featuring hero ingredient Manuka Oil
What? Manuka Doctor Purifying Face Mask*
Who for? Sister
How much? £16.66 (currently on sale from £24.99)
Where from? Superdrug
Why? This one is a favourite of my sister’s so it’s an easy go-to product. Manuka Doctor’s new highly effective deep cleansing mask withdraws impurities and cleverly balances the perfect amount of oil and moisture for a smoother, more radiant looking complexion. It harnesses the power of natural active ingredients – Grape Seed Oil, rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, to help clean pores and even skin tone, Aloe Vera Juice to help reduce redness and remove excess oil and dirt from the skin, Witch Hazel and Kaolin Clay – a light mineral clay to help draw impurities from the skin. Manuka Doctor’s hero ingredient Purified Bee Venom (PBV) and its antibacterial properties, help fight blemishes and Manuka honey known for its known skincare benefits, assists hydration.
What? The Harley Medical Group Anti-oxidant Oil Free Moisturiser*
Who for? That special work colleague who has helped you out all year.
How much? £35
Where from? The Harley Medical Group
Why? Working in an office means air conditioning during the Summer, and heaters on full blast during the Winter. It easily wears skin out, so a decent moisturiser is well worth keeping on your desk. It is so important to soothe & clear congested skin. This moisturiser will do just that. It also leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky to the touch. An anti-oxidant oil free moisturiser that helps promote a smooth, matte complexion. Incorporating patented anti-ageing ingredients clinically shown to penetrate the skin and help reduce visible signs of ageing while stimulating collagen production. With the added benefit of Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant that will help improve the overall texture of the skin.

Review: Dr Organic Snail Gel Eye Serum

I figured since I started last week with an odd beauty review, I may as well continue the theme. I hope you’re not all bored of my snail gel reviews yet, as I’ve been using quite a few of the new Dr Organic range and I really want to share it with you all – the good and the bad.
+ Good consistency
+ Smells nice
+ Hydrating
– No noticeable effect
– Doesn’t absorb quickly
A product can have all the right moves, it can look good and even feel good, but if it doesn’t do what it says on the bottle, is it really worth the price tag? Unfortunately with this particular product, I’m beginning to think not. After using some of the other products in the snail gel range I was really hoping for something special with the eye serum. I’m always after a decent eye cream that will hydrate and tighten the skin around my eyes. I have yet to find one that satisfies me enough to repurchase it. This one is no different. The consistency of the serum is a watery cream, which smells lovely – a little like lemongrass. It is hydrating but it takes a while for my skin to absorb the product. I’ve been using it for several weeks now and I’ve not noticed any change in the skin around my eyes. At £12.99 I’m afraid I wouldn’t purchase this.
You can buy Dr Organic’s Snail Gel Eye Serum at Holland and Barrett.