Review: MUA Lipstick & Maxfactor Gloss

Last month I reviewed a couple of MUA’s lipsticks and mentioned about trying them out with a gloss.
I decided to try them out with a couple of my favourite go-to glosses, by Maxfactor. These were given to me at Christmas, in a set, by a friend who works as a make-up artist for the brand – the full size versions are a lot bigger. I wanted to 
mix up a cheaper brand & a more expensive one – to show you that you don’t always need to spend lots of money to achieve a lovely pout!
To achieve my look I used:
Final Results:
I absolutely adored the look of MUA Shade #16 & Maxfactor Bubbly (photo #3) – it gave me the perfect ‘baby lips’, which a lot of brands have been aiming for with their looks and products lately. The colour is a little more pink-coral in person (trust the iPhone) and it’s the perfect shade for Spring/Summer! I was also happy with MUA Shade #15 & Maxfactor Bubbly (photo #1) which I think created a nice nude look. It would suit a natural look or just something a bit simpler. As for MUA Shade #12 & Maxfactor Majeste (photo #2) – it created a lovely bold lip, for a more dramatic look.
You can purchase MUA’s Lipsticks here.
You can purchase Maxfactor’s Vibrant Curve Effect Glosses here.
I think Bubbly may have been discontinued, sorry.

Review: MUA Lipstick #15 & #16

Here is the first review of several from my recent MUA make-up haul.
I choose to review the lipsticks as a friend asked for a swatch, and I do like to please.
Left to Right; #15 & #16
You may be curious as to why there are 4 swatches. Well I noticed that the colours needed a few coats, so I first swatched one coat of the colour, and then several coats of the same shade. So the first two swatches are of shade #15, and the second two are of shade #16.
Not much difference in #15 but #16 is quite different after several coats.
I also noticed some residue (??) when I first applied #16 but not after the initial swatch.
+ Only £1!
+ Didn’t dry my lips out.
+ Colour applies evenly.
+ Coverage on #16 was good for a cheap lipstick.
+ Nice, regular colours which will work well in Spring/Summer.
– #15 didn’t have great coverage; showed lines etc.
– Several coats were needed for me to achieve the colour I wanted on both.

Top to Bottom; #15 & #16
For £1 I have no complaints.
These aren’t as good as my Chanel or MAC lipsticks but I never expected them to be.
I do wish #15 had been more pigmented/true to colour but that’s my only disappointment.
I ended up preferring Shade#16; Nectar (the one they accidentally sent me) to the one I had ordered.
Honestly, I think these are great if: 
1. You’re not sure whether a colour will suit you, and you want to try it out before investing.
2. If you just want to expand the colours in your lipstick collection, but don’t have lots of money.
You can shop the collection here.

MUA Make-up Haul

MUA is a brand I never really looked at in the past.
To be honest I was put off by the cheap price, which I thought meant the products would be cheap.
However, lately I’ve found some amazing reviews on the brand. So after my success with their Love Hearts Nail Polishes I decided to give some of their other items a go.
The Love Hearts Lip Balms were on my list from the beginning. I had seen some amazing reviews on them, so I wanted in! Whereas the packaging isn’t appealing to me, the colours look pigmented and apparently they’re very moisturising.
I was actually only supposed to receive one lipstick and an eyeshadow but they accidentally sent me another lipstick instead. I’m not sure if I will wear shade #16; Nectar, as it looks a little too orangey for me, but I’m willing to try it out. Shade #15; Juicy looked nice, but once again not sure if it will suit me.
Finally the primer. UK Beauty bloggers have been raving about this lately, some have even said it rivals the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion. This I am looking forward to trying, as I have both.
I’m really looking forward to reviewing all of these on the blog very soon.
I’m not a big fan of ‘haul posts’ but you guys asked, so you shall receive…so would you like to keep seeing them?

Review: MUA Love Hearts Nail Polish

MUA Love Hearts Collection; U & I, I <3 U Nail Polishes

Recently I ordered some of the new MUA Love Heart Collection Nail Polishes, as I couldn’t find them in a nearby Superdrug store. I only bought two from the collection though as I found the other 4 were very similar to shades that I already owned from Barry M.Pros:
+ Only £2!
+ Almost opaque after one coat.
+ Lovely shades that are true to colour.
+ Nice thick polish, with a lovely glossy finish.
+ Bright & Pastel colours that are perfect for this season.

– The brush on the yellow wasn’t very good quality, so the application was difficult (as you can see in the photo) but I think I was just unlucky and this was a one-off.

I really can’t express how much I love the pink-nude colour. It applied perfectly, with a gorgeous opaque, glossy finish after only two coats. That might sound normal, but for a nail polish that only costs £2, this was as good as any of my Barry M ones I own.

I would like to also mention the lovely people at MUA Cosmetics.
There was a problem with my order being dispatched and no dispatch email was sent but the lovely people who emailed me kept me up-to-date and informed. Thank you!

You can purchase the whole collection here.

Inspiration; Seeing Red

The fabulous Rii of Utsukushii Gal made a post recently about Red Lips in Gal, which I loved. In the post she tried out red lips herself (and looked absolutely stunning whilst doing so) – she paired her look with matching make-up & a rock code. 
This inspired me, because she was trying something new and it turned out great! So I thought about maybe trying it for myself – why? I have never worn red lipstick before as I’m so fair skinned, so I figured why not give it a try!
I actually think the red didn’t come out too bad haha
It certainly looked dramatic against my light skin, but I felt that was part of the look. Even so I don’t think I would wear this kind of colour without matching dramatic eyes, but it is certainly a look I will be trying again
So thank you Rii for inspiring me to try something new, and for showing us all how fabulous red lips can be in gal!
What do you think of red lipstick in gal?
Would you try it out yourself sometime?