Lush Cupcake Event

In October a few friends and I went to a specially arranged ‘Cupcake Event’ at our local Lush store. I’m a big fan of Lush, as you already know, and cupcakes, of course. The event drew us in with it’s offer of a free facial, make your own face mask and decorate your own cupcake.
And of course a nice chat with the Lush shop staff, always a pleasure.
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Friends getting facials, their colourful array of bath bombs & some cupcakes
&& the sparkly cupcake I decorated!
Shhh…it’s supposed to be a rose.
The chocolate & peppermint face mask I made & I also bought some toner tabs and a shower bomb.

The event was so much fun, and perfect for a girly evening out. My tomboy-ish friend even commented on how she had ‘enjoyed being so girly, but it had probably filled [her] quota for the month’. Girly-ness aside, the facials were very relaxing and it was so much fun making our own face masks and decorating cupcakes. Not to mention I chatted for ages with the lovely shop staff. We discussed; shopping trends, Lush in Japan, their latest gift boxes and how they were designed, and much more…

I can’t wait for the next Lush event!

The Mystery Teahouse

I’m a big lover of tea. Of course, I’m English!
So when my friend and I found ‘The Mystery Teahouse‘ we were intrigued.
We’ve been back several times since, as you can tell by the photos.
TMT is in one word, enchanting.
The owners are adorable and the tea (tons to choose from) is amazing. I’m not a tea snob but I do prefer tea leaves, and a nice teapot too. They also offer Eastern European food which compliments the menu perfectly.
I’ve been introduced to teas & flavours I never knew existed.
My personal favourite has to be the South American ‘Yerba Maté‘ which has some wonderful health benefits…and you have to drink it through a metal straw! 
I drank: Cinnamon & Apple, Yerba Mate; Amanda Lemon, Caramel Passion
I ate: Zurek (a Polish soup) & Ukranian Beetroot soup.

Meet with Le Samispoon♔

Last month I met with my ex-uni & forever Starbucks buddy Le Samispoon, as she shall fondly be referred to.
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A freak Indian Summer meant it was almost unbearably hot for us Brits.
It also meant I got to pull out my sheer, sleeveless shirt.

Leeds Corn Exhchange & Cath Kidston store.
Present for myself, and a diary & tissues for my bf in Japan.
Irresistable cupcakes, which we managed to resist…?!
Tofu bento, finishing with green tea infused ice cream in ‘Little Tokyo’ where the food tastes as good as the restaurant looks…which is amazing by the way.
A final photo taken on the train home and edited with an oh-so high-tech iPhone purikura app. Make-up less, with a super cheesy grin which had to be censored.
Random fact: After a long day I will remove my make-up the first chance I get.

Photo Diary; 久しぶり University

I’ve been back at university for a month now and it’s been rather laid back, which may be down to only having 5 hours of lectures a week

So what have I been up to? Mainly catching up with people, meeting new ones, buying American Sweets from The Sugar Shack and classes founding the new ‘Tuesday Night Movie Club’I’m a bit of a movie geek at heart, and always jump at the chance to host.

Dinner with the fiancé – Tapas.
Cinema & Mexican food ♥

Hot, sunny days & warm, dark nights.
Finally organising my room, and making it more ‘me’.