Photo Diary: Celebrating in Style

Photo Diary Catch-up – Celebrating in Style
I’ve been accessorising like crazy lately!
That’s all thanks to the lovely people who bought me these lovely presents.
The neon accent leather cuff (Whistles) is from my parents and the studded bracelets (Zara) from a friend.
My Tatty Devine crowns look amazing layered, thank you to Dodo & Randa, as well as my grandparents!
I’ve also been nibbling on treats from Japan.
Zak bought me some leopard print chocolate & banana sponge cakes.
You can purchase them in the Tokyo Sky Tree – Tokyo’s latest tourist attraction.
Of course I have to nibble whilst having perfectly manicured hands – I used Mavala polish & glitter.
For my birthday I visited the Victoria & Albert Museum.
We had a look around and had lunch in the amazing food hall.
The same friend who bought me the bracelets also bought me macarons.
They were gone in only a couple of days – and that was after holding myself back!
I also took my parents to The Breakfast Club, who haven’t stopped going on about it since.
Finally, a big thank you to Nintendo who sent me a Nintendo 3DS XL and a copy of the new Style Boutique game.
Expect a review soon, because I can’t get enough of it!!

Photo Diary: Birthday Celebrations

Left: Victoria & Albert Museum, 
Right: Homa Restaurant, Church Street
Birthday/Anniversary meal, at Homa
Birthday present from the fiancé 
I had an amazing birthday this year, thanks to my wonderful family & friends.
I wanted to do a separate present post so this is just a short photo diary of my birthday.
I spent my birthday at the Victoria & Albert museum, and then continued to a restaurant in the evening.
It wasn’t that important to me that it was my birthday, but I did like being able to make the time to do the things I love, and using that excuse always seems to work. The restaurant we choose in the evening was Homa – a place we had passed a few times and wanted to visit. The food was lovely. I choose Duck & Foie Gras Terrine, Crab Linguine and Yoghurt Panacotta with Rhubarb Sorbet. My birthday also happens to fall on mine and the fiancé’s anniversary, and this year we celebrated 4 years!
I only received one present from the fiancé this year, but oh boy was it a big one!
He bought me a Macbook Air, because he wanted to help support me in my career choices, and so I could blog more.
Now if that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is! Seriously though, I’m a very lucky lady.
I’ll be continuing my birthday celebrations tonight (Saturday) with my lovely ladies too!

Photo Diary: Life in London

Recent snaps from my Instagram – @bloomzy

I have now been living in London for just over a month.
It’s been wonderful and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to share more with you.
I’ve missed doing lifestyle posts and a few of you mentioned you missed them too, so here’s two in a row!
The reason why I have been so busy is because I found a job a few weeks ago so I’ve been working.
Apart from work, I’ve also been indulging in some tasty food, as yesterday’s post proves.
My BFF Jemi visited and we had a bit of retail therapy as well as a good catch-up – miss you already!
I’ve also been indulging in tasty clothes too, such as a new pair of wedge sneakers and the Tatty Devine Frida Kahlo necklace that I had been lusting after for several months. Luckily my job allows me to wear all the fancy clothes I like! 
I don’t have as much free time as I would like now, but I still enjoy my job and the free time I get.
How do you relax and make the most of your free time?

Store: The Dairy

Purple Nebula Galaxy iPhone 4 Case*
A few weeks ago the lovely Cam from The Dairy sent me the most amazing iPhone case.
I’ve written short reviews on iPhone case stores before so I definitely wanted to add this one.
The Dairy is an Australian company run by Cam who prints iPhone cases from one of the many amazing collections that are featured on the site. There are plenty of designs to choose from – the Star Gaze collection is my favourite.
I choose an added extra and went for the ‘Armoured Case’ which includes a rubber insert.
The rubber insert is very much like a silicon case and the plastic case fits over top of it, to offer extra protection.
It doesn’t take anything away from the look of the case but you can see it on the front – check out the pic above.
I kind of love it as it makes me feel like my iPhone has become a tiny, impenetrable tank…or something like that.
As for the case itself, I’m so happy with the design I chose. I’m also mega impressed with the gloss and colour.
Thanks to Samispoon who originally introduced me to the brand, and I hope to see a review on her case soon!
The Dairy make cases for: iPhone 4/4S/5 and Samsung Galaxy S2/S3 you can view the designs here.

Photo Diary: Tatty Devine Sugar Skull Workshop

Last weekend a very good friend came down to visit me in my new pad.
We’d already made plans to visit the Rekorderlig event on the Friday, but we also needed to fill up our Saturday.
It so happens that I follow Tatty Devine on Twitter (big fan, as you know) and they mentioned a workshop they were holding to make and design your own Sugar Skull necklace, much like the ones they had on sale this Summer. You probably remember how much I wanted one of their Sugar Skull necklaces, but actually I didn’t end up buying one as I was too busy saving for the big move to London. So this was the perfect opportunity for me to make my very own unique Tatty Devine necklace! After some persuasion from my friend – he wanted to make one too – we decided to go.
The workshop itself is quite small so the event only had around 11 people (2 being TD staff members).
My friend was the only guy there, but the ladies loved him, and we all had a lovely time. Everyone was super chatty and very friendly – I think the atmosphere in Tatty Devine helped, it was very welcoming and laid back. We got to play with spray paints, stencils, crystals and a whole manner of shiny & sparkly objects. Everyone’s design was completely unique and it was fun comparing them along the way. Some went for shockingly pink, Barbie inspired skulls, others went for ALL the bling, while I finally decided on a dark gothic inspired sugar skull – it was that or purple.
My final design is the one on the left and the one on the right is my friend’s.
I had a brilliant time and met some lovely people. The TD staff were wonderful – funny, helpful and kind.
If you get the chance to attend one of their workshops please do! The experience alone is worth the money.
Spaces sell out very quickly though so keep an eye out (here) and book as soon as you can!

Photo Diary: Rekorderlig Winter Forest Bar

Some of you will know by now of my love for Sweden and Rekorderlig.
So you can imagine how excited I was to be invited to the Rekorderlig Winter Forest Bar.
Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery has been transformed into a Swedish Winter cider experience.
Walking in, you’re greeted by pine tress and a floor scattered with leaves – it genuinely feels like you’re in a forest.
The pop-up itself includes a bar, tapas style food, live music courtesy of a DJ, and an amazing atmosphere. 
You’re welcomed with a Rekorderlig tasting palette, which includes 4 of their flavours and a tasty treat!
The bar serves all of the Rekorderlig flavours, and some specially made Rekorderlig cocktails, which are lovely.
You can also try out some Scandanavian food (see menus above) – the Elk sausage roll was my favourite.
I loved the whole event – so much so that I bought tickets so I could go twice!
It’s a great experience, and a wonderful retreat from the hectic streets of London.
The tasting palette alone is worth more than the £5 ticket price, so it’s also worth your money.
The cider, food and music were perfect and it has made me love Rekorderlig (& Sweden) even more!
The Rekorderlig Winter Forest Bar pop-up is only open until 6th November!
Head to 91 Brick Lane (Truman Brewery) after 8pm to grab tickets on the door.
Tickets are sold-out online!

Photo Diary: Another Catch Up

Photos taken from my Instagram: Bloomzy
I like to do these ‘catch up’ posts every now and again, especially now my Instagram widget is gone.
I know some people think ‘pfft Instagram’ but actually I document a lot of stuff on there, so it’s quite useful.
That’s why I like to use my photos in these kind of posts as it shows things that I haven’t shared on the blog.
As you can see I’ve been treating myself to a few of the new MUA items, snuggling with the fiances kitty, wining & dining as well as dressing up fancy for it, taking hot chocolatecoffee breaks, walking my dog, attending events, sharing priceless times with my bestie, and buying the limited edition ‘pink bubbly’ Vaseline for us both.
I will be attending a few events in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to share the photos with you!