Giveaway: Iconemesis iPhone 3G/4 Case

A selection of iPhone cases from the Iconemesis website

For those of you who have read my review’s on Iconemesis’s iPhone cases, you will know how much I love the brand.
Iconemesis is unique in the iPhone case market in that it uses the artwork of some amazing current artists, such as Gemma Correll & Fifi Lapin. So when we recently put our heads together and decided to collaborate on a giveaway
I was very excited.
What can you win?
Your choice of either an iPhone 3G or 4/4S case from Iconemesis.
How to enter:
+ Be a follower of ‘Bloomzy’
+ Choose the case you would like to win, from here.
Extra entries: Follow Iconemesis on Twitter & Facebook.
This giveaway has now closed.

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Photo Diary: Life in general

Personalised easter egg, foxes hanging in a hotel bar, the diet of a Coeliac, 
odd pig statue, dissertation was finally handed in, so shopping ban was lifted, 
fringe was in need of a cut, business cards were made for the blog, matching nails & trousers,
parents (&dog) came to visit, hot chocolate with everything on top, and my favourite chocolate shop in Kendal.

As the ‘Instagram Weekly’ posts I did kinda fizzled out, I haven’t really posted anything since, unless you check out the sidebar widget I have. So I thought I would post some pictures from the last few weeks, just in case some of you are still interested in my boring life…and if you are, thank you.

Photo Diary: London

 Lilli Vanilli Bakery, M&M Store, Bubbleology, Cheap Monday, Monki, Absolute Vintage & Tatty Devine

Just a few snaps I took on my recent visit to London.
Before I had to move away for University I used to visit London quite often, as I live close enough, so I don’t really do the tourist-y things. I do however like to visit lots of shops and cafes! Apart from spending time with my lovely gals whilst I was there, I did visit the new Monki store and Cheap Monday as I haven’t been back since they opened. I also re-visited my favourite Tatty Devine store and plenty of vintage stores. 
For lovers of Match/Green Tea, Bubbleology in Soho has Matcha bubble tea. We stopped by and I had to grab one! 
The guy who was working was a bit odd, and didn’t really have the best customer service skills to be honest, but the bubble tea was lovely.
I apologise for the lack of photos.
I was taking them off my phone very early this morning (couldn’t sleep) and ended up deleting some by accident, in my half-awake state. Farewell pictures of delicious cakes and food, you shall be sorely missed.

Gift: Iconemesis Gemma Correll Cat iPhone Case

The amazingly wonderful people at Iconemesis sent me a surprise this week.
They knew I had been after the Gemma Correll Cat Print case for my iPhone, as I’d been gushing about it all over the internet. So when I received a surprise package from them, I couldn’t contain my excitement!
The case is superb quality, as was the Fifi Lapin case I bought from them.
It fits the iPhone 4 very well, and is also easy to remove – for those who might worry.
But it’s the print that I adore. The quality and colour is gorgeous, very true to the photo on the site.
You can purchase the case here, or check out their other cases here.
A cat party will surely lift anyones spirits, no?
Thank you so much Iconemesis!
I am beyond happy with this case!!
Iconemesis are hosting a giveaway in collaboration with Mon Rabu.
It’s open internationally, and ends on 10th April – click here to find out how to enter.

Iconemesis; Fifi Lapin iPhone Case

Fifi is such a sassy fashionista! Do you remember the post I made introducing Fifi Lapin? Well since then the item I ordered arrived! I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted a Fifi Fawn iPhone case. So I did a google, and up popped iconemesis; an online store that combines artwork and iPhone cases. The artwork featured is amazing, and I must admit that I wanted to buy all of the cases! Instead I settled for just one, this Fifi Fawn case.

There was a bit of trouble with my order, as the case I received didn’t quite match the image on the site. So I contacted the lovely staff at iconemesis and they kindly sent me out another. The reason behind the confusion was that they have a new template for this particular phone, and the site hasn’t been updated with the new image yet. There’s not much difference, the new image is just a bit smaller. Here is a photo of the case I was originally sent.

The customer service I received was brilliant. I even received emails (keeping me up-to-date) way out of office hours. I really appreciated the efficiency (it was made and sent the next day) and kindness of the staff. I would definitely order from them again! Now I just need to decide which case…

You can order the Fifi Fawn case here.
Or you can browse the rest of their cases here.

OOTD: Well kinda…

Lipstick: Chanel | Earrings: Topshop | Ring: Primark
I do apologise, but there won’t be an outfit of the day, today. I fell over in the road, on my way to lecture and I’ve hurt my leg and hip. My knee has also swollen up, so you can probably tell that I’m not really feeling at my best right now.
I did however take this photo of my make-up and jewellery this morning. I really love these earrings by Topshop and my favourite Rouge Coco lipstick, by Chanel. All topped off with an overly decadent ring from Primark.

プリクラ for your phone!

My own personal ‘purikura’
プリクラ (purikura) is the name given to the photo-booths and pictures well known and loved in Japan. Why are they so popular? Purikura machines allow you to take a variety of pictures with different backdrops and lighting, afterwards you are given the chance to decorate the final photos.
As they gain popularity worldwide (they’re in a city near you!) mobile app stores have seen an increase in the amount of ‘purikura apps’.
Here is a small review of my current favourite purikura app; DecoPic
Click ‘read more’ for the full post.

I’m not a fan of a lot of the purikura apps on the app store as I find they’re all pretty similar, but DecoPic intrigued me as the stamps, frames etc are very close to the ones used in the machines in Japan.

Once you have chosen to take a picture or use one from your album (awww look at my cute puppy), you can move and scale it to your needs. Then you have the option of adding lots of pretty, sparkly things.

Options include:

Art filters – much like instagram etc.
Not something you would find on a regular purikura machine. Obviously an addition that is aimed at the current ‘filter’ trend hitting the app stores.

Frames – a varied and not bad selection.

Stamps – 15 pages worth, all of which are just like the stamps you find on the machines in Japan.

Message – add messages such as ‘Today’s coordinate’ & ‘I love you’.

Pen – various colours/styles of pen to write by freehand.
Text – various styles and a selection of colours to write by text.

When adding a message, stamp, text etc. there is the option of: resizing, rotating, moving and undoing the item. 
Finally, when you click ‘save’ the photo is automatically stored in your photo album and you have the option of sharing it with the community, or Facebook/Twitter etc.
I like the categories they have used for the stamps, messages and borders (feminine, blogger, vintage and more) – giving you the chance to pick your item depending on your mood/the feeling of the photo. There is also an ‘event’ category, which changes throughout the year.
With over 300 design options, if you want an app to decorate your photos with that is easy-to-use, authentic to the machines and FREE, then this is the one for you!

Want your own personal purikura photobooth on your iPhone/Android?


If anyone knows if it is on any other app stores please let me know.