Emoda x Miranda Kerr Collaboration

Shots from Emoda’s AW2012 collaboration with Miranda Kerr
Even though I don’t have regular access to Japanese brands anymore, I’m still a fan.
In particular I love MuruaEmoda, both ‘Mode‘ brands are very reminiscent of Western brands.
Even though this may be the case I still find that they offer items in a style that you just can’t find in the UK.
Recently Emoda became the first Japanese brand to sign Miranda Kerr to their label.
Emoda felt that she embodied the ideology of the brand – ‘high sense, yet real clothes’.
I was really interested to see a Western model I like, working with a Japanese brand that I love.
I personally think she is the perfect fit for the brand and I love what they’ve done with their AW concept.
It’s a pretty big deal for her to work with Emoda and they’re delighted to have her as their A/W2012 visual model.
I am hoping that this will help shed more light on the brand, in countries outside of Japan.
Do I like the collection? – of course I do, I wouldn’t be blogging about it if I didn’t!
I love the items and the styling, not to mention the gorgeous new accessories in the AW2012 collection.
The pricing of Emoda’s items may seem high but this reflects the quality of the product you receive.
I have a few items from the brand and I am impressed. Emoda knows how to bring out items to compliment.
I couldn’t feature everything I loved but I hope I’ve given you enough info to tempt you.
Does any of the Emoda x Miranda Kerr AW2012 collection take your fancy?
For those who aren’t in Japan, you can purchase items from the A/W2012 collection on their Global store, here.
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Japanese Nail Art | Nail Week

Japanese Nail ArtA selection of Japanese nail art

‘Nail Week’ has just begun and we’re diving into the deep end. Today’s post is all about nail art, of the Japanese variety. Why? Well nail art was one of the first things I fell in love with in the Japanese beauty industry, and with nail art becoming more popular in British fashion and beauty (Company magazine can’t get enough right now) I thought it was quite fitting for me to honour the reigning country of nail art. Fashion magazines in Japan constantly feature nail art in their beauty pages, whilst whole magazines are dedicated to it, such as: Nail Up, Nail Venus and Nail Max. Young girls and Women alike are obsessed with expressing themselves through their nails, and in Japan there are no limits to what you can do with your nails.

Some are simple, feminine and short:
Japanese Nail Art

Whilst others can be intricately decorated, edgy and insanely long:
Japanese Nail Art

Japanese nail art is well known worldwide for its creation of mini 3D artworks, use of various adornments and delicate designs. Nail salons have popped up all over the world trying to re-create the popularity and stylish nails seen on the streets of Japan – London-based Sohotrightnail can offer you some more detailed and embellished designs, whilst WAH NAILS can easily feed your simpler design needs. Of course the originals don’t come cheap. Prices usually start at around 10,000円 for a basic set, that’s about £80! It may seem expensive but when you see the work that goes into them, and the time that it takes, you can forgive them for charging so much. Getting your nails done in Japan is definitely an experience, and the end result is worth the money spent – but if you don’t have the money to spare then you can always make a stop at Donki for some of their press-on nails (photo here), which are just as amazing, for around £15.

Mitsu is a good friend of mine who not only dresses fabulously but styles her nails to match.
You can check out the various Japanese nail art she has had done here.

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Presents from Taiwan

(Face Masks; Sasa, Green Tea Powder, Happie Nuts Magazine & Rienda Pouch)

Recently my mum went over to Hong Kong to visit my sister, who is currently living there with her boyfriend.
Whilst she was there they decided to take a trip to Taiwan, as they’d been before and really love the country.
In-between visiting friends, and eating some amazing food, my mum picked me up a few gifts.
She’s calling these ‘belated birthday presents’, but I already received some money and chocolate from my parents, so I wasn’t expecting anything else. 
What did I get?
+ Japanese Cherry Blossom Sheet Face Masks
+ Apricot Sheet Face Masks
+ Green Tea Powder Sachets
+ Happie Nuts Magazine
The face masks are from a store named Sasa. They have quite a few stores in Asia, but they also sell their products online, here. They ship internationally, and are one of the best places online to find Asian beauty products.
Happie Nuts for my readers who don’t know, is a Japanese fashion magazine. It’s mainly aimed at women in their 20s and predominantly features ‘gyaru’ or ‘gal’ fashion, which some of you may know I was a fan of. I still enjoy reading Happie Nuts though, as I find the fashion and beauty articles are more on trend with Western styles. 
For my new readers, I do speak and read Japanese (competently, not fluently).

Finally, the green tea power sachets (Matcha) are just because I love Matcha so much, which you’ve probably heard me mention a thousand times before. I’m like a broken record!

Trend; JELLY’s BEST 10!

The December issue of JELLY offered an insight into their top 10 fashion codes for the season. Including ways to stay stylish & warm.
Click ‘read more’ for the full post.

Oversized (boyfriend) blazer x Denim shorts x Military boots/Creepers

Maxi knit x T-shirt x Coloured shorts

Knit onepiece x Ankle boots

Loose knit x ‘Old man’ trousers x Flat shoes

Collared top x ‘Under Knee’ skirt

Hat x Blouse x Wide trousers

Leopard print top x Coloured bottom

‘Different material’ top x Maxi pleated skirt

2 Colour shirt x ‘Mannish’ trousers

‘Volume’ Outer x Design tights
There you have it.
Plenty of ideas to stay stylish, warm and casual this season. 
I do feel some of the codes are a little over-done (blazers/knits x shorts), however I do like the androgynous looks that have been popping up; easy to re-create and always chic, not to mention also in fashion in Europe/America. 
Will you be trying any of these looks?
Looks #5, #8 and #9 are my personal favourites!

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Momoko Premium Vol.2

Pictures, not scans, of my favourite pages from the book/magazineMook
Click ‘read more’ for the full post.

Top to bottom; Coquettish girls, Twiggy-style code sketches, Celebrities in Murua, Shop-staff codes, Momoko’s – story, favourite pieces, home, make-up, hair & codes.

Where to buy: CD Japan


Popsister has gone into ‘suspension’ with the November issue being the last
Will it return?
‘Suspension’ is usually a nice way of saying ‘finished’, but lets hope it will be revived next year!! It was personally one of my favourite magazines so I’m sad to see it go.
Should have seen it coming with the loss of Tsubasa

Thanks for all the good times~

Trend Alert: Wavy Hair

You may have noticed it in your favourite magazine/on your favourite model; wavy hair is big right now. Think along the lines of surfer/boho chic, come blogger style meets the 90’s crimp-craze and you got it!

Edge Style
But don’t be mistaken in thinking that it’s limited to particular styles. Gal Models from Popteen to Happie Nuts are workin’ the wavy look. It may have started off slow, but Gal power-figures such as Momoko Ogihara & Romihi have shown that it certainly has staying power. 


How can you recreate it? When I tried out loose waves, I used only a hair iron which can actually be incredibly effective. You can also create a similar effect with a curling iron of course, but be careful not to tread into curl territory and keep it wavy. Plaiting/Putting your hair in buns overnight is also a possibility. 

Murua will soon be offering a special in-store novelty (see above picture) for their customers when they spend over 21,000円 (around £150); 3 barrelled iron – the kind that Momoko uses on her gorgeous locks, and has also been featured in various Gal mags. 



Popteen have also gone wave crazy, and included some great tutorials on how to re-create the perfect wave look for all different kinds of gal, in this months issue.

Will it last into A/W? I’m not sure. Personally I thought this would have died by now, as Autumn drew closer, but it seems to only be getting stronger. Of course as the colder weather hits, curls will be more do-able and maybe this kind of wavy hair is at its peak and will fade away soon, but for now and until I hear otherwise I’ll certainly be enjoying it