Wish List: Wandering Minds

Wandering Minds is a new webstore set up by a group of friends.
The items in the store have been hand-picked by the girls themselves, who have flown to 
some amazing fashion capitals, such as Seoul, Tokyo, and Paris. 
In fact, they travel all year long, finding new emerging designers. 
I think you can tell why this store called out to me.
Fashion + Travel = ♥

The items from their new ‘Seoul Collection‘ feature some wonderful basics that would suit most styles.
As you probably guessed, these items are from Korean designers. The girls chose these as they loved the simple, but effortlessly fashionable looks they saw on the streets of Seoul. I personally, want their job!!
To me, the looks are reminiscent of American Apparel, Topshop and some of the stores on Gmarket.
I definitely want to add all of the above items to my wardrobe!
You can shop the collections here.

Iconemesis; Fifi Lapin iPhone Case

Fifi is such a sassy fashionista! Do you remember the post I made introducing Fifi Lapin? Well since then the item I ordered arrived! I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted a Fifi Fawn iPhone case. So I did a google, and up popped iconemesis; an online store that combines artwork and iPhone cases. The artwork featured is amazing, and I must admit that I wanted to buy all of the cases! Instead I settled for just one, this Fifi Fawn case.

There was a bit of trouble with my order, as the case I received didn’t quite match the image on the site. So I contacted the lovely staff at iconemesis and they kindly sent me out another. The reason behind the confusion was that they have a new template for this particular phone, and the site hasn’t been updated with the new image yet. There’s not much difference, the new image is just a bit smaller. Here is a photo of the case I was originally sent.

The customer service I received was brilliant. I even received emails (keeping me up-to-date) way out of office hours. I really appreciated the efficiency (it was made and sent the next day) and kindness of the staff. I would definitely order from them again! Now I just need to decide which case…

You can order the Fifi Fawn case here.
Or you can browse the rest of their cases here.

Juicy Couture x Fifi Lapin Collaboration

Juicy Couture & Fifi Lapin Collaboration

I’m not really a Juicy Couture fan but when I heard of their recent collaboration with Fifi Lapin I was excited!
Why? Because I love Fifi and I am hoping that this collaboration will mean even more coverage for ‘the brand’.
I recently ordered a Fifi Lapin item to add to my collection, and I’d love to see more, instores and online!
I would also love to add the above scarf to my collection, and maybe the sketchbook & keychain but realistically the prices aren’t something I’m willing to pay for a brand that I’m not such a fan of (JC). 
If they went on sale though I would snatch them up in an instant!
Who is Fifi Lapin?
She is a chic, socialite rabbit who is often sketched wearing the latest designer collections.
She also offers lifestyle and fashion advice on her blog, which you can view here.

Would you like to know more about Fifi?

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Glossybox Harrods Edition

Glossybox Harrods Edition

Some of you may have heard of Glossybox before, or similar companies. For £10 (plus p&p) a month you receive 5 new beauty products to try. This month Glossybox have teamed up with Harrods and are releasing a special edition box. Unlike previous boxes the contents of this one are not secret and have been released online and to press. This box will include luxury beauty products, such as: Burberry, YSL and Clarins. Check out a preview of the products here from Gh0stparties.

I haven’t subscribed to these kind of things in the past as I know I wouldn’t use half the items I was sent, even though I do think that 90% of the time they’re worth the money. However I was first in-line this morning when the box went live at 10am, and I ordered mine straight away! I just couldn’t resist such a bargain (still only £10!), and I’m pretty certain I will use all the products.
So expect a review once it arrives later this month!

You can subscribe to Glossybox here.
Be quick and you may be able to grab the March Harrods Edition!

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A Source of Inspiration

You can find me on Tumblr, here
I feel you can usually read my current style from what’s on my Tumblr. 
Ever since I started my Tumblr it has been a place for me to store & share my loves & inspirations.
I don’t do it for followers, although I adore the ones I do have, I do it for me.
Simply put, it’s a visual fashion/lifestyle diary, and I love it.
Where do you store your inspiration?

Photo Diary; Weekend in Leeds

Hilton Hotel, Leeds City Centre, Little Tokyo

For mine and my fiancé’s 3 year anniversary I decided to treat him to a weekend away.
Lucky for me The Hilton Hotel has some great offers on right now. Their Leeds hotel was just as lovely as any of their others I had previously visited. With a gym, swimming pool, spa, restaurant and bar you could stay inside all weekend! 
As tempting as that was, we did venture outside eventually…
I had a few places I wanted to visit, such as Harvey Nichols, Seasons, Topshop and Urban Outfitters.
Unfortunately neither Harvey Nichols nor Seasons had the Marc Jacobs phone case I have been searching for. I think I will definitely have to buy it online. However, Topshop and Urban Outfitters did have what I wanted. I shall post those later!
After some retail therapy we headed to Little Tokyo, a wonderful Japanese restaurant that Sami had previously introduced me to. Their food is delicious, especially their vegan options. I’m not a vegan myself, but I love vegetables and tofu.
It did snow quite a bit that weekend, and unfortunately it disrupted our stay a little, meaning we had to head home early so we didn’t get caught up in any delays on the train. Any Brits reading this will know of the chaos that snow causes to our transport every year.
Unfortunately the battery died in the camera, so there aren’t as many photos as I would have liked, sorry.

Meadham Kirchhoff S/S Collection 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff S/S Ready to Wear Collection 2012

As soon as I laid eyes on Meadham Kirchhoff’s S/S 2012 runway show I was drawn in.
The fluffy skirts, the pastels and decorated flatforms…I could go on and on.
I can definitely see this collection fitting in with the teenagers in Harajuku, with their varied and often outrageously fashionable street styles. I really do miss the kitsch, colourful outfits I would see, probably due to my gorgeous little friend who epitomised everything about Japanese street style, so this collection really appeals to me.
Whether I see people wearing these items in Harajuku or Halifax (a town in West Yorkshire that’s not so well known for its fashion sense) I don’t care! Just seeing that smiley-heart apron dress, or catching a glimpse of a cute kitten on a t-shirt would brighten my day.
Some of Meadham Kirchhoff’s items can be found on Net-A-Porter, but I can’t wait for the English designers collaboration with Topshop on their nail wraps (available from mid-Feb).

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