OOTD: Givenchy-Inspired part deux

(Dress: Sheinside, Tights: ALTA Shinjuku, Wedges: Internacionale, Necklace: Oasap)

Here is the second, and final (for now!) part of my Givenchy-Inspired pieces (part one here).
This dress is from the amazing Sheinside who carry a selection of on-trend and designer inspired pieces.
I wore this out yesterday just for a casual coffee-shopping afternoon, and then stopping for a meal in the evening.
I can’t express how much I love this dress. I felt so effortlessly cool and on-trend whilst wearing it.
I also love how the print of the dress makes enough of a statement that I didn’t need to over accessorize.
Even so I did add a bold necklace (from Oasap) and some patterned tights because I felt I could still carry them off. I wish I could just sit around in this dress all day – it’s one of the rare pieces in my wardrobe that just makes me smile whenever I look at it. So expect to see more of it in the future!
You can shop for the dress and browse Sheinside here.
Don’t forget to visit Oasap and use discount code: ‘bloomzy’ for 35% off!

OOTD: Givenchy-Inspired

Top: Oasap* | Shorts: H&M | Shoes: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Topshop

How gorgeous is this Givenchy inspired top from Oasap? I instantly fell in love with the Givenchy Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection, so when I found this on Oasap I had to grab it straight away! I love the clash of black, gold and purple, the irises (flower) add a touch of femininity which contrasts amazingly with the black and gold rock vibe of the top.
Thanks to having a larger chest, it was difficult to get the shirt to sit straight as you can probably see. However it still fit fine, with some room to move around in. It did originally come with shoulder pads attached, but I felt that they didn’t add anything to the top so I took them off (easily). I have a similar top/dress arriving soon from another brand and I can’t wait to add it to my own Givenchy inspired (knock-off sounds so harsh) collection.
I think next time I’d like to pair this with a more daring outfit. 
I’ll also try and take a photo in better lighting next time, so you can really see how gorgeous it is.
Don’t forget to visit Oasap and use discount code: ‘bloomzy’ for 35% off!

Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Haul’

Marc Jacobs Necklaces & Compact Mirror

You probably all know by now that I’m a Marc Jacobs fan.
Well whilst I was in London last month I decided to stop by the ‘Marc by Marc Jacobs’ store.
I absolutely love the store. It’s spacious, laid out well and in a gorgeous building, in a lovely part of London.
Whilst I was there I said I would treat myself to a little suttin’ suttin’, kind of like a celebratory gift to me, for finishing university and exams etc. Of course I could have picked tons of items, but I didn’t want to spend too much. I was thinking of an iPhone case as I’ve been wanting one for a while, but I love my Gemma Correll one too much.
I finally decided on the ‘Wishbone Necklace’, ‘Monocle Necklace’ and the ‘Heart Compact Mirror’.
I’ve been eyeing the wishbone necklace and mirror for a while, although I actually hadn’t seen the monocle necklace before, but I have a thing for monocles so I had to add it to my collection. I also loved the idea of a manly monocle mixed with gold and pearls.
I can’t wait to start accessorising with these!!

OOTD: King Kattius

T-shirt Dress: eBay | Leggings: Republic | Shoes: Asos

Please give a warm welcome to King Kattius. The fiance felt that since the cat was so prominent on my t-shirt/dress he deserved a name…ok. I have been anticipating the arrival of this t-shirt after I bought it on a whim a couple of weeks ago. The t-shirt is from FUNNYGLAM, the clothing line by Korean designer Jung-hee Jung. I bought it from his eBay store – you can find a link to the listing under the picture.
It’s quite big and baggy for a t-shirt, which is how it’s supposed to be, hence me calling it a dress. I am quite tiny but I didn’t feel engulfed by it, and I think it would fit most sizes comfortably. I’d love to see it on a taller person!
Galaxy print + giant cat-king = can’t go wrong!

Current Inspiration

Please excuse the mess that is me piling a bunch of photos together.
I just wanted to visualise some of my current inspirations, which are:
Girly mixed with boyish, patterned tights, flowers, bright colours, gradients, feminine lingerie,
monochrome, black on black, gold, pearls and studs, polka dots, orange & white,
stiletto nails, comfy t-shirts, petals, purple, brightly coloured food and pastels.
As you can see my inspirations don’t just come from fashion or beauty. Of course when I say inspiration it doesn’t necessarily mean fashion-wise. I love surrounding myself with things that inspire me, and I think that does ultimately translate into my personal style, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t take inspiration for other aspects of my life.
These images are not mine, and were taken from my Tumblr, Style Saint & Pinterest.
Feel free to add me on any or all.

OOTD: Crystals & Leather

Top: Internacionale | Skirt: Miss Selfridge | Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Here is today’s outfit…well last nights. I don’t often post my ‘night’ outfits on here, so I thought it might make a change. I was just going for a meal with the fiancé so hopefully I didn’t look too OTT…or gothic, in all black.
The shirt is a sheer material with gold & ‘crystal’ studs dotted all over it. Add my mini faux-leather skirt, deadly panther court shoes & Marc Jacobs bracelet, and you’re done! I even took a chance with the weather and went bare legged, for the first time in months. Very liberating! Altogether nothing too fancy, but not something I personally would put together for a casual day outfit.
What do you guys like to wear for a night out?

Review: Glossybox Burberry Lipstick #4 Rosewood

This is the first review I’m doing for a product from Glossybox.
The Burberry Lipstick (lip cover) was one of the most anticipated items in the Harrods Glossybox.
Hopefully I can shed some light on this infamous beauty product.


+ Nice shine.
+ Handbag size.
+ Pigmented Colour.
+ Nice, sweet smell to the lipstick.
+ Didn’t dry out my lips & mildly moisturising.
+ Love the packaging & design on the product!
– Poor choice of colour to represent the product.
– I wish the product had been bigger.
Honestly, I don’t think the lipstick was worth the hype and this is mainly because I don’t feel Glossybox or Harrods did a good enough job in representing Burberry and the product. True, the product does feel ‘luxury’ but to me Burberry are all about classic items for every woman, whilst still remaining fun and on-trend. I don’t think a brown-y red lipstick really promotes that, but maybe I’m wrong. Personally I would have chosen a pink or classic red, as not only is it more appealing but it’s better suited to more skin tones, whilst this colour is not.

That said I do see myself getting good use out of the product.
The colour may not have been my first choice, but it’s highly pigmented and has a nice soft shine.
The product didn’t dry out my lips and whilst I didn’t find it ‘intensely moisturising’ my lips did feel soft.
Would I buy the full size one? 
Not in this colour, and as it’s only slightly cheaper (£23) than a Chanel lipstick I might consider it, 
if I found a more fitting colour.
Purchase it at Harrods, here.