Happy New Year!!

♥ ♥ ~HAPPY NEW YEAR~ ♥ ♥

Picture is unrelated, it’s just there so you know I’m still alive haha ;D

I have a little time before the boyfriend comes back home with his family for us all to go out for food, so I am taking this advantage to send your some belated New Year wishes.

I hope you all had a great time celebrating it with friends, family and loved ones. I went to a temple with the boyf and his family, and then went to an Izakaya and Karaoke with friends to welcome 2011.

I have plenty of posts planned soon!!
Including more ‘Japan posts’ as I have been escorting the boyf’s parents round Tokyo (and other places) being a tour guide – so I took the opportunity to take plenty of pics for the blog. I just hope you’ll enjoy seeing them.

What did you all do for NYE?
Any New Years Resolutions? Any Gal related??

I haven’t really thought about a New Years Resolution…the last few years it was just ‘to have as many new experiences as possible’ but I feel like I should change it.

Merry Christmas~

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!
I am currently enjoying my free time with my friends, my boyfriend and soon…my boyfriends family. Yes, they are coming to visit for a while so I may not get to update much whilst they are here. I am looking forward to seeing them though, and also because they have my Christmas gift from my parents!!
How did you spend your Christmas?
Did you eat plenty?
I loveeeee Christmas food, but it’s not the same in Japan.

Edit: I have been busy everyday since my boyfriend’s family arrived and it will probably continue until they leave on the 5th. So no posts right now, sorry!!

Hiatus over….

ただいま~ ♥
Well I am back from France…already missing the weather and food.
I shall be updating soon, so don’t give up on me.
Whilst you’re waiting for me to update, check out some recent posts:
Up-coming posts on the blog:


I am afraid I won’t be blogging for a few days as I am moving out of my house at university and going back home for the Summer.
I will try and update when I get back and am settled in, which will most likely be Sunday.
In the mean time, I’d like to tell you a little about my plans for the blog this Summer. If you have me on twitter then you already know my plans, but for those who don’t;

The Gaijin Gyaru Series
I want to get a more positive vibe back out into the Gaijin Gal community. Therefore I am going to be doing a series of interviews celebrating some of the best Gal’s out there right now.
I have already picked these girls out and I personally think it’s going to be a great line-up…so stay tuned to find out who they are and what I will be asking them!!
I ALSO would like to do a feature on a few up and coming Gals. These wouldn’t be full length interviews, mainly introductions to the person. I’m mainly looking for people who are new to the fashion, who write blogs. I’d like to offer up a bit more variety and get word out there about the new Gals who are rockin’ the scene ;D
If you’re interested, please feel free to leave a comment here or on my twitter.
EDIT: I’d just like to add something about the ‘New Gal Intros’ that I plan to do:
– I am not looking for experts, or people who claim to be 100% Gal because no one starts off amazing – unless you’re super lucky/talented ;D
– I want to feature people who are just starting out and are looking for advice/encouragement and so we can see how amazing you Gals really are, because it’s not only the well-known Gaijin Gyaru who can do it right.
So please don’t feel bad if you’re new to it – it’s all about progressing and getting better with time. I’m not new, but I still feel as though I have a long way to go XD
FINAL EDIT: I am going to be doing a post in a few weeks where I will be asking the Gals who want to be featured on the ‘upcoming gals’ post to send me some info.
So keep a look out ;D

Nail woes and site update…

First off I would just like to mention that I have made a small change to comments.
From now on whenever I make a new post you will be able to sign in with you name, website or using an openID or wordpress account etc. You will also be able to subscribe through email to replies to your comment, or the post. EVEN BETTER you will now be able to reply to peoples comments – so keep them coming 😀
Nail Woes
Now onto the real reason for this post, my nail woes.
I was inspired by Samispo0n’s post about her own nail woes, and also Mitsu’s recent nail trend post.
You may remember my previous post about getting my nails done professionally (acrylics) with Samispo0n, Mininie Mouse style. They were so~ cute and I got a ton of compliments, even from the old Chinese man at the oriental store haha. So I couldn’t complain, as they were reasonably priced.
However, taking them off was where the trouble began. I looked around a few places and went to a small store in the mall where the guy tried to convince me that ‘those Chinese places’ mess up your nails and they just ‘leave you sitting there all day’. I didn’t believe any of this but I just wanted them taken off so I stayed there.

These were my nails after. Short and boring D:
My troubles didn’t stop there though.
The woman taking my acrylics off left my nails in the solution for far too long and then failed to take all of it off. This meant that my own nails were deprived of oxygen and had turned a nasty shade of purple/blue. She then filed my own nails down further than I asked and also ruined my cuticles, making my cuticles bleed badly – which have now scabbed over, attractive D:
She then asked me if I wanted them polished, to which I agreed as sometimes a manicure/polish is included in the price – and I had just bought a new bottle of Barry M. So I gave her my polish and she did them for me (see above image), not a bad job but nothing special.
Finally when I went to pay they charged me an extra £6 ($9) for her polishing my nails, with my polish, which took a minute at most. So needless to say I was rather annoyed.
So it just goes to show that not all nail endeavours go down so well. But please, don’t let this put you off just be careful where you go ;D

My nails are now slightly healthier but they’re still not long enough for me to try any real design or even round with a file – I dislike having my nails filed into a square but she did this anyway.
I did the above design myself, with the 2 new Barry M polishes I purchased. I am wearing their new Strawberry & Berry colours, from the Ice Cream range. I loved the subtle pink and purple – going to buy the blue and green next

Your opinions….

As I am away for the weekend and would like to hear feedback from you guys, I’m going to ask what kind of posts you would like to see here;
  • Coordinates (from magazines, model’s etc.)
  • Shibuya 109 News (stores, trends etc.)
  • Make-up/Hair (reviews of products, tutorials etc.)
  • Update’s on Model’s (Jelly, Ageha etc.), more specifically from their blogs.
  • Other (please comment and let me know)
These are just a few idea’s, but I really want this blog to be more about what’s currently going on with Gal, than just me posting my coordinates all the time – I know you don’t want to be stuck looking at those constantly.
So please comment, your feedback is important to me 😀