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nailbox April 2015 box*

I don’t know why there hasn’t been a nail polish subscription box before. Clearly nailbox have also picked up on this gap in the market, as they have brought us a brand new nail polish subscription box. The April box is limited to only 100 boxes, and it contains four full-size nail polishes from iconic industry brands: OPI, China Glaze, Essie and Revlon.

Inside the box is…
+ Essie nail file (£1.99)
+ China Glaze Peachy Keen nail polish (around £5)
+ Revlon Buttercup nail polish (£7.99)
+ OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips nail polish (£12)
+ Essie Muchi, Muchi nail polish (£7.99)

For a nail polish addict like me – or those who just want to discover some new polishes – this is a wonderful idea. The packaging of the box was pretty plain (a brown cardboard box), but the polishes were packaged safely inside at least. I noticed that the nail polishes included are from past collections (yet still on sale), but the shades are all pretty on-trend right now. I mean there are only so many colours, and the usual shades are on-trend year on year. So it doesn’t really matter whether these polishes are brand new to the market or not.

The total value of the box comes to £34.97, so you’re obviously getting your £15 back! At the end of the day, all I could ask for from a nail polish subscription box is in nailbox. Well known, quality brands: check. On-trend shades: check. Value for money: check. Would I purchase this? Yes, I definitely would!

You can purchase the April 2015 box at nailbox.

A Peek Inside… My Little Energy Box

my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-3 my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-6 my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-4 my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-5 my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-2 my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-1

You may have noticed that I skipped reviewing the December My Little Box. That’s because I was left feeling pretty underwhelmed at the their lacklustre effort. Still, it’s a new year, which for some reason always makes people think that things will have drastically changed for the better. I too was holding out hope that My Little Energy Box (January 2015’s offering) would bring me something sparkly and fabulous. Boy was I wrong…

What was inside My Little Energy Box?
– Illustration by Kanako
– My Little World Magazine
– 2015 Illustrated Calendar (£10)
– My Little Sports Bag (£20)
– My Little Beauty Energising Mist (£7.50)
– Talika Photo Hydra Day (£43.50 for 50ml)
– Nails Inc Polish – Tate (£11)

What did I think?
If this box is any indicator of how I’ll be spending 2015, then kill me now. Seriously though, this is a pretty poor cliche attempt at a box. Sure we all eat a bit too much at Christmas and then promise ourselves that we’re suddenly going to turn into gym goddesses, but deep down we all know it’s not going to happen (for most of us anyway). This month’s box was not inspired nor inspiring. The barely there gym bag, and the flimsy calendar are enough to turn anyone away from the brand. These cheap items do not represent the My Little Box I have come to know and love. That said, I’ve always appreciated the prices listed by the items as it makes it much easier to see whether you’re getting your moneys worth. But £20 for the bag, and £10 for the calendar? You have got to be kidding me! Again, it was the beauty products that saved me from unsubscribing. The Nails Inc polish is clearly from a past collection as it features the old bottle design, however the colour is perfectly fitting for any season. Talika’s Photo Hydra Day is a promising little number for anyone who suffers from dehydrated skin, and the My Little Beauty Energising Mist smells even better than it feels on the skin…and it feels pretty good. Even so, the mist is the only beauty item that fits the ‘energy’ vibe and the whole box is a bit of a let down. The French version also received a Special K Energy bar, but was otherwise no different. Whilst the Japanese version received a couple of alternative beauty products alongside the mist, bag and calendar.

I’m currently at a lose with My Little Box – do I stick with them or do I say goodbye? I remember having such high hopes for the brand when they announced that they would be coming over to the UK, but that love is beginning to wane after a couple of dull months. I guess only time will tell…

A Peek Inside… My Little Cosy Box

This month’s theme is ‘My Little Cosy Box’. I was so excited when I heard of the theme, as like every other person in existence, I love Autumn. Autumn to me is a month to cosy up at home and relax, and I was so hoping that this month’s box would reflect that feeling…

What was inside My Little Cosy Box?
– Illustration by Kanako
– Espresso Cup designed by Kanako
– Tsumori Chisato ‘Hot Water Bottle’
– My Little Beauty Mascara
– Essie Nail Polish
– Star Liner Kohl Pencil
– My Little World Magazine

What did I think?
Unfortunately I don’t have too much to say about this month’s box as I am rather underwhelmed by it all. At first I was giddy at the sight of Tsumori Chisato’s name, but that quickly turned to disappointment when I realised that the ‘hot water bottle’ was no more than a relaxation pillow. After a long day at work it was a novelty for all of 5 minutes…before I realised I’d never use it again. The print was also a bit of a let down – it didn’t scream Tsumori Chisato like a lot of her work does – it just seemed very generic. As for the beauty products; I don’t use kohl eyeliner, and the Essie polish shade is off-season and just outright hideous (for my personal taste). I thought I had found my saving grace in the mascara though. It adds amazing length and volume…but smudges like no one’s business, which is a big turn off. Kanakos illustration and the ridiculously cute espresso cup are the only items I can see myself making use of. I don’t actually drink espresso but I have used it to store a candle on my office desk, whilst the print will go up on my wall. Overall this month’s box was a real let down, which says a lot when I hold My Little Box in such high esteem. It’s a shame, but hopefully December’s box will remind me of why I love the brand.

If you fancy subscribing yourself, head to My Little Box.

A Peek Inside… My Little Diane Von Furstenberg Box

my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy-kanako-illustration my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy-keratase-loccitane-hand-cream-eau-micellar-1 my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy-keratase-loccitane-hand-cream-eau-micellar my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy-1 my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-scarf-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy

Everyone knows the horror of coming home to find a ‘sorry we missed you’ note from the Royal Mail. Well I am not immune either it would seem, as I found out last week. I knew it had to be my October My Little Box. I rushed to the depot as soon as it opened the following day, and the relief I felt when my box was handed over to me was like nothing else. I think I’m hooked.

This month’s theme is ‘My Little Diane Von Furstenberg Box’. I wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard of the theme. DVF is a household designer name, yet for me all it brought to mind were images of wrap dresses. I wasn’t quite sure where they would go with this box. I didn’t hang around to find out…

What was inside My Little Diane Von Furstenberg Box?
– Illustration by Kanako
– Drawstring pouch
– DVF scarf
– DVF lips brooch
– My Little Beauty Eau Micellar
– Keratase Hairspray
– L’Occitane Hand Cream
– My Little World Magazine

What did I think?
Honestly I wasn’t looking forward to this box as much as last month’s, for the aforementioned reasons. Still I wanted to give the MLB team the benefit of the doubt. They’d done well by me last month, and I had faith that they would continue their winning streak. As I opened the box I was greeted by an array of gorgeous colours and patterns. The lip pin is adorable, and I can see it fitting in perfectly with my current love for monochrome. I wasn’t too keen on another travel size hair spray, but Keratase are a good brand at least. The eau micellar water (smells amazing by the way) and the L’Occitane vanilla hand cream are both perfect travel-size goodies. The pouch wasn’t as cute this time round, and Kananko’s illustration was ok, but not as cute as her previous ones. The magazine is a great read (love the scarf tutorial), and although I probably won’t use it, the DVF discount is a nice touch. The winning item for me? The scarf. At first I was a little disheartened that I hadn’t received the monochrome version, but truthfully this will look so much better paired with my outfits. It’s bold without being brash, and the colours which at first seemed daunting, are actually rather gorgeous. Ultimately the October My Little DVF Box falls into the goodie pile, mainly thanks to that gorgeous scarf.

If you fancy subscribing yourself, head to My Little Box.

A Peek Inside… My Little Parisienne Box

The package read ‘from France’ and my heart skipped a beat. It came, it finally came. There’d been no dispatch email so I hadn’t been expecting it. Something which added to the mystery of the whole process. Yes, I’m talking about my first monthly subscription box from My Little Box.

This month’s theme is ‘My Little Parisienne Box’. An arrangement which I myself was incredibly happy with. Before I opened my package I told myself that I had been waiting for this (for the brand to come over to the UK) for years, so I shouldn’t hype it up too much. As soon as I opened the parcel and saw the box itself, all my logic went out the window. It was adorable, and that’s just the outside. As for the inside…

What was inside My Little Parisienne Box?
– Illustration by Kanako
– Notebook (including an introduction to the brand)
– Parisienne 3D stickers
– Laptop sleeve
– Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
– Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse
– My Little Beauty highlighter pen
– Drawstring pouch

What did I think?
I know the first box to a new subscription always tries to impress, but I can’t believe the effort gone into this one. Everything from the outside to the inner flows, mainly helped along by Kanako’s delightful illustrations. As for the contents of the box, I thought they fit the theme wonderfully. Chic stationary for the busy lady? Check. French beauty favourites? Check. Happy? Check. Separately the items don’t seem to add up to much, but together and put alongside the theme, they really are lovely. I wasn’t sure if I would use the stickers, but after reading the suggestions I added a few to my laptop and I’m overjoyed with how fabulous they look on it. I am beyond excited at the prospect of using all of the beauty products (although I’ll be keeping the Nuxe oil as an extra to the one I already own), and I’ve already placed my illustration on my wall, and the notebook in my handbag. If the rest of my ‘My Little Box’ subscriptions are half as good as this, I will be more than satisfied. It’s whimsical, it’s chic and most of all it fits perfectly into my lifestyle.

If you fancy subscribing yourself, head to My Little Box.

‘My Little Box’ is My New Little Obsession

A couple of years ago I heard about an adorable looking monthly subscription box from France, called My Little Box. It looked wonderful, with each box being centred around a specific theme such as ‘My Little London Box’ or ‘My Little Smile Box’. I secretly hoped it would one day hit UK shores.

Well luckily for me a little email dropped into my inbox last night, informing me that subscriptions had opened for the new UK version of My Little Box. I was beyond giddy and rushed to find my purse, signing up within minutes of receiving my email. The irony is not lost on me that I signed up for the UK box whilst currently residing in France, but that just makes it easier for me to return home next week. The boxes themselves feature not only beauty products (from My Little Beauty) but accessories, lifestyle items, illustrations and more. Previous boxes have even included clothing!

The first box’s name has been revealed as ‘My Little Parisienne Box’ and I’m ridiculously excited.
You know I’ll be blogging about it as soon as I get my hands on it!

If you fancy signing up yourself, it costs £11 a month (plus £3.95 p&p). You can subscribe at My Little Box.

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Review: Glamour Beauty Edit Box July 2014

For this particular beauty box I have enlisted the help of my bestie Jemi. She recently received the ‘Glamour Beauty Edit Box July 2014’ and has written a very thorough review for it. In fact it’s so amazing that it puts mine to shame! So feel free to let her know what you thought over on her Twitter or Instagram.

Beauty boxes are a big thing right now. I’d only known of them through bloggers, but they seem to be everywhere at the moment. I’d never bought one before, and then I stumbled upon Latest In Beauty, who are currently offering two kinds of boxes: a build your own beauty box, where you can mix and match products to create a custom box of your choice, or the Glamour Beauty Edit box, a box collaborated in conjunction with Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director of Glamour magazine, offering 9 pre-selected beauty products to set you up for the summer ahead. After seeing one particular item listed in the Glamour Beauty Edit box, I knew which one I was going to go for…

The box as it arrived was similar in size to other beauty box brands, with the title of the box and Glamour’s logo. The presentation is simple and clean, which I like. I was impressed at the presentation when I first opened the box, given that these are batch produced, I was pleased that everything was packed in neatly, elegantly wrapped, and sealed with a kiss.

Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquer in Petal Pink, (£6.00 RRP, full size product)
Okay… hands up, who actually knew Crabtree & Evelyn did nail polishes? I certainly didn’t. There was a choice of either an apple red, or petal pink, both of which I’d classify as classic, and dare I say, safe colours. I will personally be gifting this as I’ve no need for yet another nude pink so I couldn’t possibly comment on the application, but it does look a little sheer upon inspection.

Bourjois Paris Cream Blush in Rose Tender, (£7.99 RRP, full size product)
I have recently just switched over to cream blusher, and whilst I’ve used Bourjois products in the past, I can’t say I’ve used theirs. Like their eyeshadows, it comes in a make-up bag friendly size and doubles up as a compact. I have to say, I’m impressed. It has a somewhat velvety consistency which glides on beautifully. It blends superbly and has good staying power. The colour is a lovely peachy pink, which when applied has a slight sheen, and feels very light on the skin. I have a quite rosy cheeks naturally so I don’t liked to be bogged down with a heavy blusher, but this is a nice, subtle blush that can be built up for a more dramatic look, should you want to. I’ve actually discontinued using my previous cream blush in favour of this one in the mean time, but I’m not sure if I’m willing to carry on paying £7.99 for this product, as lovely as it may be. I think that will be dictated on how long the product itself lasts.

DHC – Deep Cleansing Oil, (£4.50 RRP, travel size product)
DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil make up remover boasts to completely dissolve all traces of cosmetics and makeup (including waterproof mascara), whilst nourishing your complexion, regardless of your skin type. I’ll confess I was sceptical about using this product, as I do suffer from combination skin, preferring to use cleansers with salicilyic acid in them to keep the grease at bay. However after doing some reading about this online, it’s received rave reviews, both as a cleanser and for it’s moisturising properties. I’ll keep it with the intension of using it in winter, when my skin will be more in need of a hydration fix.

Hawaiian Tropic – Satin Protection Ultra Radiance SPF 30 (High), (£5.49 RRP, full size product)
This, along with the Velvotan mitt, were the least exciting products in the Glamour box. I understand that the theme is around summer essentials, and it is a good idea to promote looking after your skin in the sun… but really? Hawaiian Tropic is a well known brand, and I hear positive things about it, but at the end of the day it’s just a sun cream, and I can get larger (despite being full size, the bottle is no bigger than a teacup), higher factor sun creams for the same price or cheaper. I would have personally preferred to have received a more unique product.

Magnifibres – Brush-On False Lashes, (£21.00 RRP, full size product)
When I skimmed the contents of this box, I originally thought that these were just false eyelashes, and was going to gift them. I have a love hate relationship with falsies, I love how they look, but I just can’t be bothered with the faffing around that comes with applying them, to have them start peeling off a few hours after application (I will hold my hands up and admit at this point that the fault probably lies with me, rather than the lashes!). I have quite naturally dark eyelashes, but they are short and stubby, and I am forever on a search for the false lash effect without actually wearing them. All you need to do is apply your mascara as you would normally, and then whilst it’s still wet, apply a layer of Magnifibres, which claims to instantly lengthen your eyelashes by up to 5mm. I am very excited to try this product, but I hope that it thickens as well as lengthens. Given it’s recommended retail price I wouldn’t see myself using this for every day occasions, but I am impressed that a full size product was included.

Toni & Guy – Volume Plumping Whip, (£7.00 RRP, full size product)
How devvo’d are you when you spend ages styling your hair, to have it fall flat before the day is done? I have very fine hair, and whilst I have lots of it, volume of any kind is absolutely out of the question. I’ve used root boosting products in the past, to find they have made absolutely no difference to my hair in the slightest. But Toni & Guy, despite being a well known and trusted hair brand, is one I’ve not tried, so again I’m looking forward to trying this. I’ve seen mixed reviews online; the positives seeming to focus on the smell (which I actually didn’t care for that much), and the negatives being that it weighs the hair down, giving a greasy appearance (the texture doesn’t feel particularly sticky though, I will add). Toni & Guy suggest applying a walnut sized amount, but this to me seems extreme on the roots so I will be trying a smaller portion.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB Skin Perfector in Light, (£6.99 RRP, full size product)
This is Rimmel’s first instant tan, with ’skin perfector powers’ and 9-in-1 results: softens, smoothes, moisturises, gives an instant tan, creates a healthy looking glow, evens skin tone, covers, perfects, and lasts for up to 24 hours. It supposedly blends easily and can be easily removed with soap and water. As somebody who isn’t a fan of summer, and is a bit of a sun dodger, I am permanently pale, but I did discover fake tan this year, and I love it a little more than I probably should. It comes as a light or medium, with Glamour shipping out both shades so there was a 50/50 chance I’d be gifting this product to friends that can get away with a darker tan, but I’ve lucked out and received the light shade, so I will be using this for my own personal use. I tested out a little on my hands just to check the shade, and oh my days, it smells gorgeous, I can’t stop smelling my hands! I genuinely believe it ticks all 9 boxes. I plan on keeping this for my weekend away in Liverpool next month, which is the only time I really make an effort with my appearance when I go out (and can justify being a bronze goddess for 24 hours).

Velvotan – The Original Tanning Mitt, (£2.99 RRP, full size product)
There’s not a lot I can say about this product really. It’s a tanning mitt. We sell them where I work. I don’t plan on using this. I’ll be giving it to a friend who uses fake tan more than I do. This feels like a filler item to me, very disappointing.

Now for the product I am most excited about….
Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Naked, (£18.50 RRP, full size product)
Can I just start by saying I absolutely love Illamasqua, I could wax lyrical about them all day (don’t even get me started on their perfume, which is my signature scent) and their lipsticks are phenomenal. They don’t give up without a fight! I won’t wear any other brand of lipstick now. However, when I saw their latest collection of lipsticks were nudes, I had an ‘..oh’, moment. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good nude lipstick, however, they do not love me. Brand is absolutely irrelevant, whether it’s MAC or MUA, nudes are a no no. My lips are naturally quite darkly pigmented, and nudes are, quite frankly, out of the question. They have absolutely no staying power on me whatsoever, and if I even so much as look at food and drink, it’s off. Foundation and primer’s don’t help either (if anything they’re a hindrance), so I had resigned myself to a life without nude lipsticks. However, if anyone was going to convert me, it was going to be Illamasqua!

“The Glamore Nude lipsticks offer seven versatile shades that work well with every complexion. However if you need a little guidance, it’s very simple to find out what is the best match for you.
For those with a cooler skin tone, the right nude lipstick will have a high percentage of pink – this is normally found in nudes that include a rosy tone (Rosepout, Starkers). Those with warmer skin tones would suit a higher percentage of browns and this is found in earthy rose shades (Tease, Naked, Buff).
If you are after nudes with a kick of colour to it, nude coral colours would be the best match as you still get the balance of warm and cool tones with a slight pop of colour (Minx, Cherub)”

As great as it is that Illamasqua offer a shade selector, it is absolutely lost on me. I still struggle to find a foundation that matches my skin tone. My skin tone is quite troublesome; it’s a warm skin tone, but I have very rosy cheeks, and am prone to flushing on my face and neck. Combine that with being pale, and you have a nightmare on your hands. Sadly there is no Illamasqua counter in Norwich, meaning I only get my fix when I’m in London (and I didn’t really fancy doing the trip JUST for a lipstick) or up north, and I wasn’t prepared to blind buy one of their nudes given my bad luck in the past. Then when I saw that Glamour box were not only offering full size nudes, but that it was cheaper than the RRP. It’d be silly not to take the gamble.

Based on their shade collector, I was secretly hoping I’d get either Minx or Cherub. Okay, they’re not a true nude, but it’s okay, I wasn’t expecting to be able to ever wear a real nude anyway. C’mon, Minx or Cherub… Minx or Cherub…I got Naked. Oh. It’s the second darkest nude in the collection. Ah Crap. I swatched, I winced. I’d already mentally decided I was going to keep this lipstick. It’s Illamasqua. I love my friends, but I don’t love them enough to give them my Illamasqua products (I’m kidding! Kind of.) On the plus side, it wasn’t going to look like I’ve rubbed foundation all over my lips. But on the downside, I was possibly going to look like a 90’s throwback, and not in the good way…

Well blow me down with a feather. I actually really like it. With my discovery of instant tan came a discovery of bronzer, so I think I can just about pull off the shade. I’ve been wearing it at work for the last week and have received nothing but compliments, and does it stay in place? Of course it does, it’s Illamasqua. I apply it in the morning and it lasts all day, no problem. It doesn’t transfer when I eat or drink, and my natural lip colour doesn’t show through either. I am thoroughly impressed, and most importantly, I have discovered that I can indeed wear nudes. I’m thrilled I took the gamble, and discovered a shade I may not have dared tried had it not been chosen for me at random.

My Verdict: If you hadn’t worked it out already, I’ll admit I was bias and I did buy this box solely for the Illamasqua lipstick. Anything else was just an added bonus. However it’s only fair I look at the box overall.

Pros: Overall I’m pleased with the Glamour Beauty Edit box, there are a few products I am looking forward to trying out. I think there is a good mix of products, from hair care to make up, to skin care, and brands, from well known to the not so known.
I also can’t fault this box for value for money. LatestInBeauty bills the contents at £86.15, and at £16.95 for the whole box, including delivery, that’s an incredible saving. It’s also worth pointing out that out of the 9 items in the box, 8 of them were full size, which is a fantastic selling point and something I was very impressed with. It serves as a great introduction to beauty boxes.

Cons: I am still disappointed with a few choices. I really can’t overlook the Velvomitt in there. Is it really a summer essential? Personally, I’d have preferred to have seen a fragrance sample instead, especially if you like to switch up your perfumes depending on the season, like I do. I do think that the box does spell out summer though. Some other reviews of this box have mentioned that they received beauty offers for discount on products/brands that were featured in the box, though I didn’t get that. Hmm…

Conclusion: Would I buy a Glamour Beauty Edit box again? Absolutely, but only if the products grabbed me enough.