A Peek Inside… My Little Parisienne Box

The package read ‘from France’ and my heart skipped a beat. It came, it finally came. There’d been no dispatch email so I hadn’t been expecting it. Something which added to the mystery of the whole process. Yes, I’m talking about my first monthly subscription box from My Little Box.

This month’s theme is ‘My Little Parisienne Box’. An arrangement which I myself was incredibly happy with. Before I opened my package I told myself that I had been waiting for this (for the brand to come over to the UK) for years, so I shouldn’t hype it up too much. As soon as I opened the parcel and saw the box itself, all my logic went out the window. It was adorable, and that’s just the outside. As for the inside…

What was inside My Little Parisienne Box?
– Illustration by Kanako
– Notebook (including an introduction to the brand)
– Parisienne 3D stickers
– Laptop sleeve
– Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
– Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse
– My Little Beauty highlighter pen
– Drawstring pouch

What did I think?
I know the first box to a new subscription always tries to impress, but I can’t believe the effort gone into this one. Everything from the outside to the inner flows, mainly helped along by Kanako’s delightful illustrations. As for the contents of the box, I thought they fit the theme wonderfully. Chic stationary for the busy lady? Check. French beauty favourites? Check. Happy? Check. Separately the items don’t seem to add up to much, but together and put alongside the theme, they really are lovely. I wasn’t sure if I would use the stickers, but after reading the suggestions I added a few to my laptop and I’m overjoyed with how fabulous they look on it. I am beyond excited at the prospect of using all of the beauty products (although I’ll be keeping the Nuxe oil as an extra to the one I already own), and I’ve already placed my illustration on my wall, and the notebook in my handbag. If the rest of my ‘My Little Box’ subscriptions are half as good as this, I will be more than satisfied. It’s whimsical, it’s chic and most of all it fits perfectly into my lifestyle.

If you fancy subscribing yourself, head to My Little Box.