Review: The Micro Nail

When I attended the Pegasus Showcase a few months ago there were whispers of a new secret nail product being tested on the press and bloggers, from the makers of Micro Pedi. The lovely ladies offered for me to test the product out but as I would have needed to take my nail polish off (and I’d just had a manicure) I declined. Still, I was intrigued to find out what this mystery product was and so they promised to keep me up to date. Fast forward to last week whilst I was in France – I received an exciting press release revealing the secret and offering to send me along one of the products to try out. Of course I jumped at the chance, and now I’m going to share that secret with you.

The Micro Nail is a revolutionary new nail care product set to take the nation by storm. The innovative device claims to gently smooth, buff and polish your nails quickly yet effectively.

“MICRO Neil leaves your nails with a gorgeous natural shine lasting for up to two weeks. Using two micro mineral rollers it gives the illusion of a glossy top coat when you are actually nail varnish free, also helping to smooth ridges, reduce staining and improve the appearance of dryness. Battery powered, it takes the hard work out of buffing, with rollers that rotate up to MOO times per minute you can have a salon smooth manicure in seconds. The MICRO Smooth roller buffs away ridges and stains while the MICRO Shine roller works instantly, to leave nails with a beautiful, natural shine.”

What did I think of it?
I wasn’t sure what kind of product to expect when I first heard all of the hype behind the now announced Micro Nail. If I’m going to be honest I’m not sure if this is really needed. I can’t say I’ve ever wanted a battery powered buffing/shining device. That said the product does work, and I was very pleased with the results [See before and after photos]. I’ve been playing around with negative space nail art lately, and it’s good to know that after using this, my nails are shiny enough by themselves and no top coat is needed. If you wear a lot of nail polish you’re probably not going to be too bothered by this, which is why I think I’m on the fence about it. However if you’re the opposite to me, but you’d still like to add a bit of shine to your nails, then this would be perfect. The device itself easily fits into a handbag, and although I’m not a fan of pink I do like the kitschy appeal of it. As for price, the Micro Nail retails at £39.99, which is certainly not pocket change. It is an investment though, as you can buy replacement rollers (£12.99 for a pack of four) so you won’t need to throw it away once you’re done with it.

Fancy giving it a go yourself? You can buy the Micro Nail in-store and at Boots.