Recent coordinates…

Here is a small filler post with some recent coordinates, make-up and nails…

Look at me with my photography skills ;D
Fur Boots: エフエーコレクション, La Foret
Bandage Skirt: H&M
Lace Tights: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Murua
I wore this Mode inspired coord to meet with my two gorgeous Gals Mitsu and Hana. Thanks for a great afternoon ladies, can’t wait to do it again!
I thought I had taken a full shot of this outfit, but I can’t find it.

Hat: ACZA BONITA, Ikebukuro – Sunshine City
Dress: Pop Girl, Nippori
Bags: Topshop & Murua
Phone charm: Chiara, 109
This is my most recent coordinate that I wore for a trip to 109 with Mitsu. I really liked it and I received a few compliments that day, so maybe other people liked it too?!
However it did also warrant some unwanted attention on the train journey home. Note to self: wear shorts underneath next time!!

Pop Girl is another cheap Gal store. However I personally wouldn’t put it in the same category as Gal Fit (see below).
The majority of clothing in Pop Girl looked cheap (this was my first time to visit), and extremely poor quality. I was also disappointed as they had t-shirts with a blatant Kumatan (W♥C) rip-off design – not impressed!
This dress was the only thing I found that looked of a decent quality/design.

I love that the maxi dresses in Japan are the right length for me…aka SHORT!
Maxi: Gal Fit
Lace Crop top: Gal Fit
Gal Fit is located in Harajuku, Takeshita Dori and has current trends at affordable prices.
It’s not always the best quality but if you’re careful with what you buy I don’t think there’s a problem. I’ve bought a couple of things from there and they have been fine. To be honest sometimes the quality in 109 isn’t even that great, so if you’re on a budget check it out.
Simple coord for heading to the shops – such a glamourous lifestyle I lead XD
Leopard print Cardigan: Forever 21
T-shirt: Delyle
Denim Skirt: Topshop
I wanted to show another simple coord with the same t-shirt…
Hat: ACZA BONITA, Ikebukuro – Sunshine City
T-shirt: Delyle
Leopard print skirt: S.I2.C, 109-2
Leggings: Present

Just some simple eye make-up.
I keep forgetting to take photos of my make-up, sorry!!
I’m not really impressed with how my photos came out here, so I apologise for the quality. I must start taking more pictures of my make-up, that way I can only improve…right?! ;D
The top make-up was just a simple style with eyeliner, mascara and top & bottom lashes.
Bottom style was bronze eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and top & bottom lashes – I was trying out some new lashes here, and I liked them on but they look kinda weird in this picture o.O

Finally, my nails!
Nails: Donki
Since I am trying to stay on budget until Christmas I decided to invest in some glue-on nails, as opposed to gel or acrylic…which I would have preferred to be honest. However I am kind of glad I did as these will last much longer (if I don’t lose them) and I can take them on and off as I please.
Donki actually had a discount on their nails, so these were around 2,500円 (£19/$31) – much cheaper than visiting a salon. I really liked the simple ethnic vibe and they look really good on too.