OOTD: More Than Basic

ootd-finch-norwich-wood-wood-topshop-7Wood Wood T-shirt: Finch Norwich | A-line Suede Skirt: Topshop* | Scarf: Ffion Griffith

My friend and I love the phrase “basic bitch” at this time of year. It sums up all of our silly little pleasures; top down shots of our morning flat white, the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, Autumn…I could go on and on. Joking aside, recently I got thinking about the term “basic”. People love to use it as a dereogetory term, meaning boring or unimaginative. However in recent years basics have taken the fashion world by storm.

Only last year my wardrobe was full of clashing patterns and prints. Whereas I still love a good print, I have found a new confidence and clarity in my style since I introduced basics. Recently I made the decision to switch to timeless, high quality items that I can easily interchange with other pieces in my closet. It’s safe to say I haven’t looked back. Items like the Wood Wood cotton t-shirts I bought from Finch Norwich a few months ago have become staples. A plain t-shirt may seem boring, but I feel anything but when I pair it with a high waisted a-line skirt and scarf.

So I suppose what I’m trying to say is, even the most basic of items can become something special when they’re paired with the right person.

Thank you to V.A who took the photos of me.

ootd-finch-norwich-wood-wood-topshop-5 ootd-finch-norwich-wood-wood-topshop-1 ootd-finch-norwich-wood-wood-topshop-3 ootd-finch-norwich-wood-wood-topshop-2 ootd-finch-norwich-wood-wood-topshop-6