Music to My Ears… Sudio Sweden Klang Earphones

sudio-sweden-klang-earphones-review-3Sudio Sweden Klang Earphones*

Once upon a time, somebody told me that they didn’t like music. I couldn’t believe it. How could someone not enjoy music? From as far back as I can recall, I remember music being a big part of my life. Whether that was singing along with my dad to 70s American rock, or dancing to the latest Backstreet Boys song with my friends. It’s amazing how music can unite people. However as I grew older music became more of a personal thing. I realised my tastes weren’t always going to match that of others, so more and more I found myself listening to it alone.

Fast forward to present day, and this actually works out for the best in my office. On one side of me I have a colleague who loves house/dance (probably the only music I genuinely don’t like), and the other side a lover of 60s-influenced rock (I can take it or leave it). Clearly these are people who don’t want to listen to my eclectic taste in music either. Therefore earphones have become a must for me. However the struggle to find decent earphones has been rather difficult. It would seem that in the world of music, style does not always equal substance. That was until Sudio came in to my life.

Sudio is a Swedish brand of earphones that focus simultaneously on design and sound. The earphones themselves come in several colours – I love the white and gold – with a matching leather pouch. The full-feature 3-buttons give you the ability to switch songs and change volume easily (as well as answering calls). Admittedly I had to get used to the in-ear style of earphones, but it’s growing on me. I’ve also realised that it means better sound quality, and less chance of my music bleeding out. This was made even better by the inclusion of several different sizes of earphone sleeves. Usually these are too big for my ears, however Sudio’s small ones fit perfectly. All of these add up to create a better listening experience…and I get to look good, whilst I bop along in my office chair to my latest K-pop playlist.

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