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SHOW DRY Salon, Notting Hill, London

I love having my hair washed by someone. No I’m not lazy, and no I don’t have some kind of weird fetish. I just find it incredibly relaxing, and after a busy day at work it’s nice to indulge in some pampering. However, having my hair styled by someone else is another thing entirely. I have awkwardly curly, coarse hair, which I apparently seem to hide well. But once a stylist discovers it’s real form, all hell breaks lose. Ok so I may be overdramatising here, but a lot of stylists do find my hair hard to work with. For me, it’s easy. I’ve gotten used to it over the years and I know how to handle it/style it right (all those years have finally paid off). That’s why I like going back to the same hairdresser (once I’ve found a good one). So with this in mind I headed to SHOW’s new salon in Notting Hill with V.A for some hair pampering. Part of me couldn’t wait, and the other part was a little nervous…

My qualms were settled though as we walked through the ornate doors, and into the chic interior. The smell of roses and haircare products filled the air in the predominantly pink and gold salon. Everything was immaculate, from the displays of products that lined the wall right down to the bouquet on the reception desk. It took everything in me not to stand there with my mouth hanging open – this is a classy establishment Emma, don’t mess up. We were greeted by a cheerful member of staff who kindly introduced us to the salon and our stylists. We were taken downstairs for a quick tour before being whisked away to have our hair washed. At this point I came to realise that the smell that had hit me when I walked in was SHOW’s own haircare products; and boy do they smell amazing. It was thanks to this that my shampoo and condition was incredibly relaxing.

After heading back upstairs we were given a glass of bubbles each, and our stylists got to work. Unfortunately my stylist did comment on how awkward my hair was – another one defeated by the genes of my father. Thanks Dad. However she did leave me with soft, bouncy hair. I can’t really blame her for not being able to style it properly – as I explained my hair is very awkward – and the products did actually leave my hair feeling and looking good. As for V.A (with her lovely, approachable hair), she left with some gorgeous, enviable waves. I also saw several other ladies leaving with exceptional blow drys. Overall I can’t complain, and maybe next time I could go back with a bit more time and the same stylist would be more prepared to tackle my mane of hair…or I’d just go for an up-do.

You can check out the services on offer, and book an appointment at SHOW Dry.