Style: His and Hers Glasses

Glasses aren’t the easiest accessories to choose, especially when they’re something you need to wear everyday. That’s why it was so difficult for Ben when it came to choosing a new pair of frames. We looked at store after store, but nothing seemed to catch his eye (haha, get it?). In the end he told me that he wanted a pair like mine “…but in black”. Something which I now wish he’d told me at the beginning of our search, as I knew exactly how to solve our problem. To the internet!

I’ve never been much of a fan of online shopping, especially for items such as glasses. How on earth are you supposed to know if they fit right, or even suit you? That’s where Glasses Direct come in handy. They offer a free home trial, which a friend of mine tried out last year. She chose 4 pairs of glasses – in different styles – and simply tried them on at home. She actually ended up loving a couple of the pairs, but finally decided on just one. At the time I thought it was a pretty good idea, especially when online glasses stores seem to be able to offer a variety of styles at reasonable prices. Thankfully Ben didn’t need to try any out as he had already mentioned the style he wanted, but it was good to know what kind of quality and service he could expect.

Choosing the right pair was pretty easy, as I offered up a little style advise. In the end though it was all down to him, so he ordered the London Retro Carnaby frames, in black – a slightly smaller version of my own. They arrived about a week ago now and he hasn’t taken them off since. This is a guy who has worn solely contacts for about 5 years. I think the fact that he feels pretty stylish in them helps. All down to me, of course.