Wishlist: Beauty Base Perfumes

I’ve always been a sucker for a good perfume. It wasn’t until I moved away to university though that I realised just how big my problem was. I placed each beautifully bottled scent on my shelf, until there was no more space. It was then that I decided I would slim my collection down, only buying a select few perfumes, the kind that I would want to wear everyday. In recent years I’ve done pretty well at keeping that promise to myself. Instead I buy one or two perfumes during the year, whilst trying out mini sample size scents to determine my next purchase. Once a perfume has run out I buy my favourite of the samples. However that doesn’t mean I can’t dream a little, so I’ve put together a wishlist of some old and new favourites from Beauty Base
Vivienne Westwood has some great perfumes, but Boudoir has to be my favourite. Marc Jacobs is another sensible choice, and if the beautifully adorned bottle doesn’t sell it to you, maybe the fruity, floral fragrance will. Speaking of beautiful bottles, I do like my perfumes to look as good as they smell. That’s why Salvatore Ferragamo’s Signorina Eleganza is on the list. Two samples that I’ve almost used up completely in recent months are Dolce by Dolce & Gabanna, and Prada Candy Florale. Both scents are perfectly suited to me and my perfume collection. I may have resigned myself to only buying a couple of bottles of perfume a year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask for the others as gifts. 
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This post is in collaboration with Beauty Base, however all views and words are my own.