Review: Heir Atelier Ultimate Make-up Prep Primer

I’d probably have my beauty blogger membership revoked if I admitted that I only started using primers around 1-2 years ago. I never saw the point and would just opt for moisturisers instead. Now I can’t imagine how I even got my make-up to stay on without one. I’ve tried a few since I switched over and when my most recent one ran out I decided it was time to try a new product. Heir Atelier’s Ultimate Make-up Prep is as interesting as it is beautiful. This little beauty wonder moisturisers and primes your skin for make-up, so you have one less step in your regime to worry about. The primer is “paraben free and formulated with anti-ageing peptides, Jojoba Oil and vitamins C and E” – sounds good to me!

+ Applies well and easily
+ Creates smooth base
+ Concealer/Powder stayed on
+ Good texture
+ Nice fragrance
+ Moisturising

– Eyeliner didn’t last all day when using this as a primer (see ETA)

Look at that bottle! If that isn’t a beautiful beauty product then I don’t know what is. After removing the lid you may notice that the pump is hidden. That’s because it only pops up when the bottle is twisted. So it’s not only easy on the eye, but it’s also practical and clean. The texture of the primer is very similar to others I have used, although I have found that two pumps are needed for enough product to cover the whole face (others have only required one). It applies easily and leaves a smooth base for your make-up. I’m not a fan of fragrance in face products but this does smell nice and my skin seems to like it, so no complaints there. Unfortunately I noticed that my eyeliner didn’t last as long as it usually does, but my concealer lasted just fine. Overall, I think it’s a good product but at £28 for only 15ml, it’s very unlikely I would purchase it, especially when I am a fan of cheaper alternatives that work better (on my skin). The product itself is great, but the eyeliner problem is just too big of a con for me.

You can buy the Heir Atelier Ultimate Make-up Prep at Blow Ltd.

ETA: Kendra Richards is the lady behind Heir Atlier and she reached out to me via my blog and Twitter to let me know a little more about the brand, and my eyeliner concerns. The product is primarily for the face and she apologised for not making that more clear. She hopes to be able to communicate this better in the future, and was incredibly personable. This is her “baby”, which she created for the models and actors she works with, so I can understand that not everything is going to be spot on. That said, this feels like a high quality product and I’m very impressed that it’s so new. Not only that but I think it’s amazing that she contacted me and took on my comments. It has really changed my mind about the product and I can’t wait to see how the brand grows.