House of Fraser – Christmas in July

Christmas…in July!? Yes, it is the unfortunate right of passage that every blogger and journalist must make during the sweltering July heat. It may seem insane, but there’s actually a lot of sense in it. The Christmas months can be a little hectic, but the stores still want to let the press know what will be hitting their shelves for the most wonderful time of the year. Hence ‘Christmas in July’. A month when everyone feels a lot less stressed, and a whole lot warmer. Giving the magazines and blogs plenty of time to prepare their features and own personal wish lists. 
House of Fraser were amongst the few I attended and I was certainly put into the holiday spirit. Christmas trees and stockings lined the hall, whilst waitresses offered us elderberry water and earl grey cookies. As I nibbled away, tiny hedgehog decorations and ornate Biba candles grabbed my attention (and personal affections). The sights, smells and tastes all screamed Christmas. 
I personally love gifting at Christmas, and I certainly have some ideas of what I’ll be putting under the tree this year. Still, it would be silly to say that I didn’t also enjoy browsing House of Frasers offerings for myself. Lulu Guinness always brings something fun and unique to the table, making her items some of the top on my Christmas list. The selection of high-end beauty products and perfumes also called out to me, most notably the Laura Mercier lip glosses, and Guerlain and Valeur Absolue‘s perfumes. 
Previous years saw me avoiding department stores but House of Fraser has changed that. In the past year I’ve found myself more and more drawn to their choice of brands. They’re a store that is keeping up with the times and continues to impress with their products. The variety of items available are enviable, as is the quality. If I had to choose only one store to buy all of my gifts this Christmas, they would win hands down.