Review: A-Derma Intense Repair Hand Cream

You may remember me professing my love for this particular product on my Youtube channel
I realise not all of you will have watched my video so I decided to do a review here, to make it a bit easier for people to find and read more about the product. This particular hand cream is from the French beauty brand A-Derma, who are a sister brand of Avène (my favourite beauty brand), so I had high hopes for the brand. Once again natural ingredients are at the core of this product (Rhealba Oat Milk), as I have come to expect from the Pierre Fabre family. As for the properties of the hand cream, the brand claims it repairs dry, irritated skin, whilst protecting it.  
+ Smells amazing
+ Nice texture
+ Absorbs quickly
+ Non-greasy
+ Moisturising
– A little doesn’t go a long way
After being introduced to this hand cream it has quickly become one of my favourites.
I look for two things in a hand cream – hydration and a nice scent. Most hand creams do the same thing – hydrate, which is wonderful but I want that irritating dry feeling gone, which this thankfully gets rid of. After that I’m just left looking for something that makes the cream different, and that one factor for me is smell. I want my hands to smell lovely after I’ve applied a hand cream. There are some delicious foodie scents out there, but I love the refreshing calm scent of this more. The formula has a good texture, which is in-between a gel and a cream. It isn’t greasy, and the cream absorbs quickly, which is great if you’re a busy bee like me. The only downside is that I found I needed to squeeze out more from the tube than I have done with other creams. I think this is down to the thin, gel-like formula. So I would maybe like to see a bigger tube, as it does feel like I’m using twice as much (although that’s probably just a psychological thing). For £7 I don’t think it’s badly priced, and I would happily purchase it again as it’s exactly what I look for in a hand cream. 
You can purchase the A-Derma Intense Repair Hand Cream at Boots.