Cuticura Lemon Sherbet & Sugar Candy Hand Gels

Cuticura Lemon Sherbet & Sugar Candy Anti-Bac Hand Gels*

I wasn’t sure whether to blog about these when I received them as it’s not my usual content.
Then the fiancé came home and told me that one of his work colleagues was sick with a cold.
I grabbed up one of these and put the other in my handbag – I don’t need a cold on my birthday!
It made me realise that anti-vac hand gels are commonplace now, and very helpful in the Winter months.
These arrived with a personalised jar of sherbet lemons too (not included with purchase unfortunately).
How cute is that? Cuticura had definitely got my attention, and I decided that warranted a post.
Cuticura are known for their lovely scented anti bacterial hand gels and hand washes.
They come in two sweet and delicious scents: Sugar Candy & Lemon Sherbet.
The scent isn’t amazingly strong, as they are alcohol based gels, but it’s sweet.
The lemon sherbet is my favourite of the two, but it wasn’t an easy choice.
These are perfect for carrying around with you or taking to the gym/work etc. 
I like the idea of a sweet smelling alcohol gel that isn’t just in a boring bottle.
The packaging is incredibly cute and fits the concept perfectly.
Both scents are exclusive to Primark stores from February, and are priced at only £1.