Review: Topshop Nails Polish in Mardi Gras

Topshop Nails Polish in Mardi Gras

Two Topshop nail polish posts in two days?! Yes I am spoiling you I know.
This one is an effect polish though so it’s again it’s a different type of polish.
Mardi Gras is made up of small, colourful foil pieces to give a confetti-like effect.
Swatched on my nails, over Topshop’s Drink Pink Matte Polish

+ Feather/Confetti-like effect
+ Great effect top coat
+ Foils are colourful and noticeable 
+ Fast drying

– Difficult to apply evenly
–  Too sheer to wear by itself

This is a great feather/confetti-like effect top coat that I will be sporting on my nails this New Years Eve. The small foil pieces are colourful and apply onto the nails well. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to get an even application, something that happens often with this kind of effect polish. I love how it looks on top of a base coat, but wouldn’t wear it alone as it would be too sheer. Of course it is perfect for the Christmas season, with blues, reds and greens, but this is a polish you could wear anytime. I’d like to try this with a darker colour next time to see the outcome. At £6 it’s not too pricey for an effect polish, and I can’t say I’ve seen a similar polish that I like as much as this one. 
You can purchase ‘Mardi Gras’ at Topshop for £6.