Review: Mavala That’s My Colour Nail Polish Set

Mavala That’s My Colour Nail Polish Set*

Mavala recently brought something very special to the beauty industry.
They decided to take inspiration from the fans and asked them to create 3 colours!
They did this by getting them to take photos of surfaces, materials etc. that would make great colours.
Thousands of people entered and finally the 3 finalists were chosen and their colours were created:
Argentum & Iridescence swatched

+ Opaque in one coat
+ Good application
+ Easy to remove
+ Good consistency

– Only lasted a couple of days

Mavala is probably my favourite nail polish brand as they’re affordable and good quality. It only ever takes one coat to get an opaque finish with their polishes and these are no different. They’re also lovely polishes to apply as the consistency is good, as is the quality of the brush. Yet I feel that Mavala missed the mark ever so slightly. The colours are lovely, but I don’t think Argentum & Iridescence do justice to the items that were chosen by the finalists. That said, Hearth is a great replica. These polishes look great but they only lasted a couple of days on my nails, and that’s with a base and top coat. I’d like to try them out again but with maybe a different top coat, so hopefully they would last longer. 
Mavala’s That’s My Colour set is available at John Lewis.
Currently sold out online.