Review: The Chelsea Day Spa – Manicure

My trip to The Chelsea Day Spa for a manicure*

Last week I was invited to visit The Chelsea Day Spa for a manicure.
The weather was absolutely horrible and I was pretty windswept when I arrived.
Thankfully I was greeted by a beautiful interior and staff with lovely warm smiles. 
The spa itself doesn’t look very big from the outside but they’ve managed to fit a lot in.
As I waited for my nail technician I browsed the treatments on offer and was pleasantly surprised.
As well as offering manicures & pedicures, you can also indulge in massages, facials, waxing and more.
I went for a New York Manicure – I was offered a pedicure, but you guys know I have a foot phobia.
I also had gel nails on at the time, so I had those soaked off for me, to prep my nails for the manicure.
Rodica was my manicurist, and she was absolutely lovely – I really can’t recommend her enough!
There were no awkward silences because she was so friendly and chatty, making it a great experience.
We chatted for the whole hour about Romania (her home country), the culture and history.
You know I’m a culture-nut so I thoroughly enjoyed this.
My manicure was flawless and looked amazing – almost like gels.
The shade range of polishes (normal & gel) was good, as is the brand they use – Jessica.
The polish lasted for a week before it started to chip, which I think is an achievement.
The service and final product were well worth the visit, and the money – only £17!
For the lovely surroundings, staff and manicure I would certainly visit again.
Visit The Chelsea Day Spa for locations and treatment lists.