Review: One Direction ‘I Want’ Liam’s Lipstick

One Direction Lipstick ‘I Want’ by Liam…apparently
First off, a small disclaimer.
I’m not a One Direction fan and I don’t know much about the band either.
I just wanted to get that out there so you all know that I’m not bias in anyway.
The collaboration this time is taking place with MUA a brand I’ve reviewed on here previously.
To be honest I was a bit appalled at the idea of a boy band/On Direction releasing a line of make-up.
Why? Well I don’t like it when celebrities bring out items that they don’t use themselves.
Now I can’t speak for the boys but I can’t say I’ve ever noticed them wearing make-up.
Nevertheless I liked the shade of one of the lipsticks so I decided to give it a go.
+ Pigmented
+ Moisturising
– Shimmery
– Leaves a stain
– Came off quickly
So the pros and cons are pretty much 50/50 here, unfortunately though one of the cons is a big problem for me.
The shimmer. It’s horrendous. Whereas I loved playing around with the cheap make-up set my Uncle bought me from Debenhams when I was 13, it’s not really something I want to relive. In my opinion, this lipstick is far too shimmery to be taken seriously – unfortunately shimmer is a not the easiest thing to catch on camera, as I’m sure most of you will know. That said, the pigmentation is great and I love the colour of the lipstick itself. It felt pretty moisturising when I put it on, but unfortunately it came off pretty quickly too, and then it stained. This is obviously not the right lipstick for me and for £3 I’m not going to moan that I wasted my money either. At least they put a bit of effort into the packaging of the lipstick…even if it did go under-appreciated with me.
You can buy Liam’s ‘I Want’ Lipstick in Superdrug stores, or online here.
Browse the rest of the collection here.