Review: Maybelline Baby Lips ‘Cherry Me’

This review has been a long time coming.
I know you’re probably all thinking “Oh not another Baby Lips review”.
I know, and I agree with you. Wait, what? Yeah, I think they’re overhyped too.
At the base of it all, they’re just a tinted lip balm, nothing fancy, nothing unique, right?
Well here’s what I had to say about the ‘Cherry Me’ version…

+ Love the tube packaging
+ Nice hint of colour
+ Moisturising

– Dated outer packaging
– Colour comes off easily
– No lasting hydration

Honestly even though I knew what to expect from Baby Lips I was disappointed.
My disappointment started when I couldn’t find one large Boots or Superdrug store that was stocking the lip balms – not that they were sold out, but the stores weren’t stocking them. This went on for several weeks, and I didn’t want to buy them online as I didn’t fancy paying the postage. Now I’m not a business woman but it seems odd to me that a large store wouldn’t carry an item that has this much hype around it. Anyway, I finally found them in Superdrug and I was slightly appalled at the packaging, it was dated and looked like an advert that had been left in the sun too long (deteriorated). Still I like the packaging of the tube (very cute) so I grabbed the only one I knew I would use – Cherry Me. The colour is nice, I like that it’s only a hint but others shouldn’t expect great pigmentation. The colour doesn’t stay though, neither does the moisturising (which was good when first applied) – it came off easily and didn’t last. 
Sorry Baby Lips but this is one hype that just doesn’t live up to it’s reputation.
It’s a bye bye from me – I won’t be re-purchasing you.
If you fancy buying Baby Lips, you can find the full range here.