Challenge: 7 Days 7 Different Outfits

Who here finds it difficult not to recycle items of clothing during the week?
I often find myself desperately washing an item in the middle of the week just so I can wear it again.
Maybe it’s because I have favourites, or maybe it’s because I’m lazy and it’s just easier for me that way? Either way I want to get out of the habit of falling back on wearing the same item a few times a week. “So how am you going to remedy this?” I hear you ask. Well I’m going to set myself a little challenge.
I am going to challenge myself to wear 7 different outfits in 7 days. Yes, for one whole week I will be unable to recycle an item of clothing. Of course things like shoes, tights and accessories aren’t included as that would be unfair. I shall be doing mine via my blog and Instagram, as both are good at keeping me motivated. I will update here at the end of my 7 consecutive days, but I may do a mid-week post if I can. It’s going to be difficult, but it’s also going to be a lot of fun along the way!
I also want YOU to get involved! You can take part via your blog, Instagram or Twitter.
If you fancy taking part too, leave a link to your blog etc in the comments below.
Also remember to use the #7days7ootd hashtag on Twitter/Instagram so we can all stay connected.