Review: Witch Mattifying Moisturiser

Witch Mattifying Moisturiser, with SPF15 for Oily/Combination Skin*

At the Pegasus Live event I spoke with a representative of Witch.
We spoke about how I prefer not to use a primer, and how my skin dislikes certain moisturisers.
She was confident in recommending their new mattifying moisturiser and thought it would be perfect.
So you can imagine I was very happy to find one in my goodie bag, so I could try it out for myself.
+ Moisturising
+ Doesn’t break me out
+ Works well as a primer
+ Fits well into my daily skin/make-up routine

– Not great for the current Summer heatwave

My skin can often feel dry after cleansing if I don’t use a moisturiser.
This solved that problem, and also worked well as a primer when applying make-up.
It didn’t break me out either, which can often be a problem when I use a new moisturiser.
The only problem I had was that it felt slightly oily on my problem areas, which wasn’t great for applying concealer/foundation on top of. That said, I think the current heatwave may be contributing to that so I’m hopeful that it won’t be such a problem when the weather cools down again.
You can buy Witch Mattifying Moisturiser in Boots stores, or online here.