Photoshoot: Warehouse Fashion Blogger

Jersey Tee* – Warehouse | Shorts* – Warehouse | Jacket* – Warehouse | Necklace – Topshop | Sunglasses* – Warehouse*

Last week I was Warehouse’s featured fashion blogger! That meant I got to meet some of their lovely team and do a photo shoot with them. I remember buying my prom dress from Warehouse so this is a brand I have a personal history with. I was able to choose my outfit, which I did after being given free reign of one of the Warehouse stores. I choose around 6-7 items, but I knew as soon as I had it on, that this outfit was the one for me!
Even more exciting (and convenient) was the theme and location for the shoot. The theme behind the fashion blogger shoots is ‘Postcards from Shoreditch’, and I’m a Shoreditch gal! The team scouted some locations and we ended up outside Pitfield’s – a gorgeous furniture-goods store/cafe. The colours and contemporary signage made this the perfect place to take photos (with their consent of course). I had fun playing around with poses and acting all model-y and nonchalant – do you guys think I pulled it off? I had such a great time taking part and the photos turned out great too! I hope I can do more photo shoots in the future!
See my photo shoot and a small Q&A with me, here.