Make Your Own ‘Opoly

A week or so ago I received a very big, mysterious package.
Inside I found my childhood dream…yes, it was a make your own monopoly!
The game was sent to me to celebrate Gala Bingo and their new Monopoly slot game.
I was pretty damn excited, as you might imagine.
The really cool thing about this is that it comes with some software so you can customise the board. You choose your favourite areas and places to visit and create your own game out of it. I decided that I wanted to choose East London as I live there, and it’s also where I spend most of my time. I still haven’t fully decided on where exactly I will choose, as there are too many places that I love. I have a good idea though, and know it will definitely include: Fika, Tatty Devine, The Breakfast Club, Box Park and The Hawksmoor – so basically a selection of my favourite stores and restaurants. I was also given a small gift by Gala Bingo, which I plan to spend on a very big and yummy brunch at The Breakfast Club as soon as I get a spare moment!
I haven’t yet finished my board as I don’t have a printer…which kinda sucks as you really do need one.
However as soon as I’ve bugged someone who does have one, I’ll post more photos of the final product!
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