Beauty: Marc Jacobs does Make-up

It’s highly likely by now that you’ve already heard this news.
Well guess what? I’m gonna tell you all over again because I want to!
I am a big big big Marc Jacobs fan…if you hadn’t already guessed by now.
The man can do no wrong in my eyes. Ok I lied, sometimes I’ll think ‘Really Marc?’ 
That doesn’t happen often though so I like to think of myself as a Marc Jacobs fangirl.

Marc Jacobs Beauty will be a line of around 120 products!
There will be foundations, powders, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip stick, blush, nail polish and more.
Not only that but it will be featuring some products it calls unisex, such as lip balm, brow gel and concealer.
They’ve pretty much managed to pop a bit of everything into the collection. 
Well played Marc, well played.

The preview snaps of the collection look amazing so far.
This is the first beauty line I’ve been really excited about for a while.
Prices are said to be around $24 (£15) for a lip balm and $59 (£38) for a palette.
Unfortunately they seem to be going with designer prices rather than Sephora prices.
I’m not too upset though as I expected something along those lines, it is Marc Jacobs afterall.
That said, I’d gladly invest in a few pieces if the price reflects the quality, and I think it will.
The beauty line is going to be released on 9th August in Sephora in the US, with a preview on July 19.
No word right now if it will come to the UK but I’m hoping that, and it probably will, come here.

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