Tatty Devine Neon Elephant Necklace Workshop

The necklace we would create, in our own design

Working hard: After choosing our colour scheme and decorating with crystals we put it together ourselves
My final piece: Neon ombre with gold crystal eyed elephants

When I heard Tatty Devine were holding a workshop involving neon and elephants I was excited!
I love elephants, they’re such loyal, beautiful creatures and of course I’m addicted to neon right now.
Unfortunately though I found out too late to grab tickets, as they had all already sold out.

“So how did you go then?” I hear you all ask.
Well, that is all down to the lovely Charlotte from Tatty Devine.
She had seen my dismay publicly displayed on Twitter and saved me a ticket.
I feel sad that someone pulled out of the workshop, but I was very happy to be able to attend.
It was all very last minute, as in I didn’t know I would be going until the evening before.
Still, I jumped at the chance to go and said yes, of course!
The workshop was as fun as always, and the staff as welcoming.
The lovely assistants were there to make sure everyone got on ok, and didn’t poke an eye out.
Thankfully all eyes remained intact and we all learnt how to put together a necklace, a la Tatty Devine.
For my necklace I went for an ombre neon colour scheme, to compliment my teeny tiny elephants.
After the workshop ended we all spent our 10% off (complimentary when you attend a workshop).
I enjoyed walking around the store after everyone had left and chatting with the lovely ladies.
I even love the new collection so much that I had to take some photos for another post.
Keep an eye out on Tatty Devine’s event page for future workshops.