Review: Manuka Doctor Foaming Cleanser

Manuka Doctor Foaming Cleanser for Troubled Skin*

Manuka Doctor has become a well-known beauty brand in recent years.
I have several of their products already, and appreciate that they use natural ingredients.
Their new foaming cleanser for troubled skin was a welcome addition to my collection.
+ Foamed well
+ Natural ingredients
+ Felt gentle when applied
– Dried out my skin
– Product was difficult to remove from the container

I’m still not quite sure what Manuka Doctor means by ‘troubled skin’ but I can make a guess.
I have combination skin so I was a bit unsure of whether to use this when I first received it, however I went ahead and tried it anyway. As expected this dried out my skin, especially on my cheek area, which is always the worst for me. It wasn’t terribly dry, but enough that it was uncomfortable without a moisturiser. I do use a moisturiser and it seemed that the combination of the two didn’t agree with me as I broke out quite badly. However I liked the feel of the product when applied and that it uses natural ingredients. I think I would use this again but not daily, as it doesn’t agree with my skin. 
You can purchase this from Holland and Barratt for Β£16.99, here.