Event: Make Your Own Pizza @ Pizza Express

Make Your Own Pizza Blogger Event, at Pizza Express

Last week Pizza Express were very brave and allowed 20-odd bloggers to make their own pizza.
I don’t think any of us had any clue where to begin, even so what we lacked in knowledge we made up for in enthusiasm. 
The special event was to mark the arrival of their new Summer menu, which is released today!
The Summer menu features some amazingly light and healthy options, as well as their classics.
This includes a Leggera pizza for less than 500 calories, and a salad for less than 300 calories!
Whether you’re watching what you eat or not, you have to admit that’s impressive.
We arrived and were seated with a drink from the bar and a menu to peruse.
I chatted with some of the other bloggers and nibbled on some sea salt almonds.
Everyone was very friendly and pretty eager to get down to the pizza making.
So we donned our hats & aprons and were shown step-by-step how to make our own Leggera pizza.
After shaping the dough and adding sauce, we were let lose to choose our toppings.
I choose a veggie friendly cheese, tomato and pesto selection.
About 20mins after being sent to the ovens, it was the moment of truth!
My pizza was delicious, if I do say so myself, and it also managed to fill me up.
Now as for the salad, I’m not a big salad fan, so when the new Leggera salad was put in front of me I was shockingly surprised. As well as lettuce it includes mozzarella, beetroot, butternut squash, cucumber and avocado. This salad isn’t just a few lettuce leaves and some dressing, it’s a masterpiece! Ok ok, so I didn’t eat the leaves but I demolished half a plate of the other stuff. I think Pizza Express has done really well in choosing these for their Summer menu – they’re light, healthy and won’t make you feel guilty. I also loved the addition of gluten-free bases/items to the menu, as it’s something I personally look for.
Will I be visiting Pizza Express this Summer? You bet! 
I’m trying to eat healthier lately so this will be a treat that I won’t feel bad about.